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Craft an Outstanding UX Portfolio With These Recruiter Tips

By Ignasi Boza

Many UX portfolios are poorly formatted and lack crucial information. Leverage these portfolio design tips from a UX recruiter to stand out and get hired.

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The Efficient Approach: How to Design a Lean UX MVP

By Cameron Chapman

Think. Make. Check. The Lean UX process works well with the MVP process—Prototype, Measure, Learn. Combining Lean UX and MVP allows designers to create valuable products in less time, with less waste.

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Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Designs

By Bree Chapin

Here are a few exercises that can help get your creative juices flowing, whether you’re trying to get started on a new project or find yourself stuck in a creative rut.

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The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use

By Miklos Philips

Regardless of the environment, UX professionals need a set of deliverables to help facilitate communication, document work and provide artifacts. Here are 10 of the most common UX deliverables.

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