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5 Key Tips for Smarter Sales and Operations Planning Implementation

By Juan Franco

S&OP can help a company create a long-term business plan to address supply chain disruptions. Make the most of this useful process with these updated best practices.

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Creating a Narrative from Numbers

By Ali Al-Suhail

The key to a successful business plan is a coherent story built around financial projections and external context.

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Small Business Resources for COVID-19: Loans, Grants, and Credits

By James Costello

Many American businesses have been forced to close or drastically cut back operations due to an unprecedented pandemic affecting the entire globe. Thankfully, the government, communities, and even private business have stepped up.

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How to Craft a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy

By Natasha Ketabchi

As a venture investor, Natasha Ketabchi spends most of her day evaluating tech startups as potential investments. In early-stage investments, Natasha finds that the three things that matter most are team, product, and sales and marketing approach—including their go to market strategy. In this article, Natasha lifts the veil on what venture investors look for in a solid GTM plan.

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The Undeniable Importance of a Business Plan

By Sean Heberling

We often hear about business plans in the context of early-stage companies; however, constructing excellent business plans is difficult and time-consuming, so many entrepreneurs avoid them. But, is this a mistake? While most people may be aware of the “soft” arguments for and against writing a business plan, in this article, a Toptal Finance Expert takes a data-driven approach to addressing the debate. In it, he finds strong evidence to support the notion that writing an excellent business plan is time well spent.

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Business Plan Consultants: Who They Are and How They Create Value

By Toptal Talent Network Experts

Due in part to the unceremonial nature of its title, the value-creation potential of business plan consultants is often misunderstood and underappreciated. Questions such as, "What do they do that I can’t?", "Why do they cost so much?” and, "Don’t you think we can handle this ourselves?", all too often haunt their practice. Having prolifically added value to 25+ clients across a range of industries, sizes, and mandates, Toptal Finance Expert, Josh Chapman, sheds light on the full scope of business plan consulting. What it is to be a great business plan consultant, how they create value, and what skills, attributes and experiences constitute the greats vs. the pretenders.

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Anatomy of a Business Plan

By Toptal Research

Business plans are critical in the early stages of the life of a business, providing guidance to both internal and external stakeholders. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of writing a business plan, including the sections to cover and the necessary considerations to take into account.

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Mission Statements: How Effectively Used Intangible Assets Create Corporate Value

By Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Of the three functional categories that drive value in business—i.e., the "hard," the "soft," and the "intangible"—mission statements comfortably reside in the third, alongside such concepts as brand and culture. But despite the skepticism that is often associated with this category, and having uncovered some of the greatest gems in the corporate arena, this article argues that mission statements, when crafted and utilized effectively, are capable of driving billions of dollars in value.

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Bridgewater's Ray Dalio: Quiet Pioneer of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Fintech

By Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Ray Dalio is an investing legend whose success is most often attributed to investment acumen. This article argues that it was equally due to his foresight as an early but quiet adopter of computational systems, big data techniques, and artificial intelligence that resulted in his outstanding success. Bridgewater was one of the world’s earliest fintech companies.

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