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Anna Zakoyan

You’ve Landed Your Next Scrum Master Job. Now What?

By Anna Zakoyan
The first days in a new position can be confusing and lead to avoidable mistakes. These Scrum master best practices will help you become the servant-leader your team needs.
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Daniel Carroll

SAFe Case Studies: Transformation Notes From the Field

By Daniel Carroll
In the final installment of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, the creator of SAFe, Dean Leffingwell, shares his expertise alongside three case studies from Toptal project managers who discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing an Agile scaling framework.
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Kamil Imański

5 Agile Scaling Frameworks Compared: Which One Should You Use?

By Kamil Imański
Toptal’s Agile scaling series is designed to guide project managers in their team expansion efforts. In this first installment, project manager Kamil Imański breaks down popular scaling frameworks to help you make the best choice.
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Mauricio Silva

Using Agile Spreadsheets for Discovery Estimation

By Mauricio Silva
Estimation tools abound but none is as flexible and accessible as the humble Agile spreadsheet. Here’s why you should consider customizing your own to calculate discovery estimates.
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Umar Ali

What Is Agile? A Philosophy That Develops Through Practice

By Umar Ali
Agile’s flexibility is attractive, but its lack of specificity leads teams to misinterpret its applications. Agile expert Umar Ali explains how he helps teams prioritize values over practices.
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Katie Shevlin

Tips for Effective Agile Budgeting and Forecasting

By Katie Shevlin
Adaptability is a core pillar of Agile. As such, Agile budget management needs to be approached with a flexible mindset. These tips can help you deliver projects on budget without sacrificing quality.
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Jim Stewart

Remote Solutions for Effective Agile Retrospectives

By Jim Stewart
Leading effective remote retrospectives can be challenging. These videoconferencing best practices will help you run successful retros whether your teams are remote or in-house.
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Jonathan Donado

Stay on Track With These Proven Agile Project Estimation Techniques

By Jonathan Donado
Estimation is an important part of Agile project delivery, and there are many ways to weigh and rank the items in a backlog. This comprehensive guide can help you decide which method is best suited to your team and project.
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Greig O'Brien

Hybrid Project Management: A Middle Ground Between Agile and Waterfall

By Greig O'Brien
Agile project management strives for adaptability, while Waterfall strives for predictability. A hybrid approach that marries the two can be challenging to implement but beneficial for some projects.
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