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The Art of Virtue Signaling: Why so Many Brands Get It Wrong

by Micah Bowers

Many brands overshoot the subtleties of virtue signaling. They preach, posture, and alienate the people they’re trying to impress. We explore how companies can bang their virtue drums better.

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B2B UX – Common Obstacles and Attainable Solutions

by Samuel J. Horodezky

Bad B2B UX is everywhere—but the situation is not hopeless. By understanding the pitfalls, and having a strategic user-centered design plan, designers can pave the way to saving enterprise software.

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The True ROI of UX: B2B Redesign Case Studies

by Miklos Philips

UX designers often need to convince company executives on the ROI of a UX redesign initiative. Here are some real-life B2B redesign case studies a UX team identified in order to make a compelling case.

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The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite

by Miklos Philips

UX designers often need to persuade executives on the ROI of a UX initiative. In this example scenario, the UX team presented the projected ROI of a UX redesign to make a convincing case.

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Collaborative Design – A Guide to Successful Enterprise Product Design

by Andi Omtvedt

For designers, working in enterprise is a challenge because of all the different stakeholders and moving parts. This guide reviews the collaborative design process for working better in that environment.

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