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Khatia Gagnidze

Improve the Product Development Process With This Simple, But Powerful, User Flow Analysis

By Khatia Gagnidze
Apply the four steps in this user flow analysis method to make your product development process more efficient—and improve UX for activities like app onboarding and checkout.
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Shoaib Mahmud

Push Notification Best Practices: 7 Questions Designers Should Ask

By Shoaib Mahmud
Mobile app push notifications are powerful engagement tools, but they can be intrusive if not handled correctly. Don’t hit send on your push notification strategy before asking yourself these questions.
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Daniel Nisttahuz

Life in Motion: A Guide to Animating Mobile Data Visualizations

By Daniel Nisttahuz
Animation can make data more comprehensible, engaging, and useful, especially on mobile. When animating data visualizations, designers should use motion design principles—and avoid common pitfalls.
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Damola Taiwo

Delight Users With These Mobile App Design Best Practices

By Damola Taiwo
Following these strategies will ensure your mobile product delivers an optimal experience.
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Michael Abehsera

Retain Users With These Mobile App Onboarding Inspirations

By Michael Abehsera
Mobile app onboarding is fraught with frustration and friction, but it doesn't have to be this way. Learn from these exquisit onboarding examples specifically designed to engage and retain users.
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Mayank Sharma

How to Improve App Settings UX

By Mayank Sharma
Well-designed settings panels allow users to tailor apps to their needs and help companies lower customer-support costs. What techniques ensure effortless settings UX?
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Micah Bowers

Information Architecture Principles for Mobile (With Infographic)

By Micah Bowers
By applying information architecture principles to mobile sites and apps, designers infuse content with much-needed structure and help users accomplish their goals with ease.
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Alejandro Velasco

The Power of Structure: A Guide to Design System Models

By Alejandro Velasco
Through trial and error, the makers of design systems have come to view their work as living products, not static documents. What can be learned from the design system models of large organizations?
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Micah Bowers

Machine Language – A Guide to Chatbot Terminology (with Infographic)

By Micah Bowers
Chatbots have unique abilities that humans don’t. When we regard them as tools, they provide business opportunities humans can’t. Unfortunately, when it comes to chatbot terminology, confusion reigns.
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