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Icon Usability and Design Best Practices

by Micah Bowers

The ultimate aim of icon design is to enhance the user experience. But what does that look like and how can UI designers ensure that the icons they make will be easily understood?

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DesignIcon ChevronUI Design

How to Quickly Turn Boring Icons into Original Masterpieces

by Tidjane Tall

Why use the same tired icon sets for every single project? Follow this guide to learn how to add visual depth and intrigue to your icons and make them unique to the product they represent.

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Top Ten Front-End Design Rules For Developers

by Bryan Grezeszak

Truly understanding design is easier said than done. Coding and aesthetic design require very different skill sets, which is why some front-end developers aren’t as proficient in design as they could be, and the quality of their work suffers for it. In this post, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Bryan Grezeszak explains why good front-end developers have to follow essential design principles down to the pixel, and should regularly seek out advice and feedback from their designers.

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