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Sophisticated Prototypes – Why Use Axure

By Mayank Sharma

In a world of abundant choice, choosing a prototyping tool isn’t easy, and new isn’t always better. When designers want to create feature-rich prototypes, there are many good reasons why to use Axure.

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Form and Function: A Guide to the Top Wireframe Tools

By Shane Ketterman

Wireframes at various fidelities are an important deliverable that facilitate the UX design process as it moves through its phases. This guide provides an overview of the top tools most designers use.

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The Fundamentals of Website Redesign – A Case Study

By Alex Gurevich

Polished design wireframes are great but don't reveal the work that goes into research and content organization. See how a thorough approach to early project planning leads to successful website redesign.

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Death to the Wireframe. Straight to High Fidelity!

By Jen Randolph

In many product design scenarios, wireframes may not be necessary, and skipping them altogether may cut down on confusion and save a lot of time.

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