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Abdullah Karayumak, CFA

The Power of 3-statement Modeling: Best Practices for Valuations and Projections

By Abdullah Karayumak, CFA
To value or build projections for a company accurately, you have to factor in working capital—and you can’t do that without investing in a three-statement financial model.
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Robert Finch

Real Estate Financial Modeling: 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

By Robert Finch
Rising construction costs mean real estate developers are relying on complex—and potentially costly—finance structures more often. Smarter modeling will help keep borrowing costs low.
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Michael J. McDonald

The New Risk Management Playbook: Black Swans and the Rise of Scenario Analysis

By Michael J. McDonald
Want a risk management strategy that fosters resilience and reveals new opportunities? Shift your focus from predicting events to preparing for impacts.
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Hudson Cashdan

Modeling an Asset Class: Why Wall Street May Be in the Single-family Rental Market for Keeps

By Hudson Cashdan
Wall Street has its eye on the single-family rental market. A convergence of rising home prices, changing rental preferences, and advancing technology is fueling the boom.
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Emilio Parente

Cash Flow Optimization: How Small and Medium Businesses Can Unlock Value and Manage Risk

By Emilio Parente
Cash flow optimization requires a disciplined approach that anticipates liquidity shocks and allocates windfalls strategically in order to maximize opportunity.
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Ishwinder Singh, CFA

Robo-advisor Industry Portfolio Risk: Efficiency or Corner-cutting?

By Ishwinder Singh, CFA
Robo-advisor investing uses algorithms (instead of humans) for portfolio selection and rebalancing. Its affordable ways have opened up wealth management options to the masses, but its means of quantifying risk need more sophistication and tailoring to individual circumstances.
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Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA

Financial Modeling Case Study: OOVA

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA
Amy Divaraniya, CEO and co-founder of OOVA, created a product she knew the market needed. Yet, while she was pitching investors trying to close her seed round, she found that the financial projections needed a fresh pair of eyes.
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Hudson Cashdan

A Step-by-step Guide to Building an Accurate Financial Model

By Hudson Cashdan
Many financial models fail because they rely on optimistic assumptions and ignore the risks presented by uncertain variables. This six-step guide illustrates how to avoid these pitfalls and develop practical, accurate financial models to inform your decision-making.
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Natasha Ketabchi

Reorganizing for Survival: Building Scenarios

By Natasha Ketabchi
In the “new normal,” how should business leaders ensure that their business is well-equipped to survive and then thrive? Scenario analysis is a handy tool: How are scenarios built and translated into financial projections?
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