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Elizabeth A. Anderson

What Is a Product Owner? A Project Manager’s Guide

By Elizabeth A. Anderson
It’s not uncommon for project managers to be assigned duties that should belong to a product owner. Find out how you can use this role confusion to your advantage, and increase your skills in both arenas.
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Mauricio Silva

Using Agile Spreadsheets for Discovery Estimation

By Mauricio Silva
Estimation tools abound but none is as flexible and accessible as the humble Agile spreadsheet. Here’s why you should consider customizing your own to calculate discovery estimates.
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Bryan Bates

Is the Citizen Developer the New Face of Agility?

By Bryan Bates
In an era of talent shortages and fast delivery, the low-code market is taking off. Citizen development on a low-code platform may be the solution your organization needs.
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Greig O'Brien

Automate Your Way to Better Project Management

By Greig O'Brien
Software automation tools can help project managers streamline tasks that distract from more crucial responsibilities. We took a deep dive into Jira’s automation capabilities and asked Toptal project managers for their thoughts on how to best automate workflow.
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Adi Behlulovic

Project Management Cheat Sheet

By Adi Behlulovic
There is no perfect framework that can be applied universally. Project managers should tailor processes to work best with their teams and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their career.
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Vytas Butkus

A Project Manager's Guide to Digital Transformation

By Vytas Butkus
89% of organizations adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy in 2018. Digital transformation requires both a cultural shift and a restructuring of products and services around new digital capabilities. Project managers are some of the most important people on the tactical level during a digital transformation.
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Audrius Zujus

VR Project Development – How Project Managers Should Prepare

By Audrius Zujus
This article examines the VR technology, market trends, and most popular use cases. Key project roles are described alongside some most important challenges that PMs might face when managing a VR project.
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Luciano Castro

A Complete Guide on How to Seamlessly Take Over an Existing Project

By Luciano Castro
As project managers, we are sometimes tasked with taking over a project in progress. In this guide, we will outline how to execute a seamless project takeover. Use the included checklist for your upcoming projects.
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Vytas Butkus

Project Management Evolution: Startups vs. Enterprises

By Vytas Butkus
Startups play poker, large companies play chess. In this article, we compare and contrast startup project management with enterprise project management. Different challenges and opportunities arise in both settings. The best project managers should be able to utilize their skill sets to achieve the maximum results in both environments.
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