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Khatia Gagnidze

Improve the Product Development Process With This Simple, But Powerful, User Flow Analysis

By Khatia Gagnidze
Apply the four steps in this user flow analysis method to make your product development process more efficient—and improve UX for activities like app onboarding and checkout.
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Pilar Rios Niño

For Your Health: 5 Tips and Strategies for Wellness Branding

By Pilar Rios Niño
The health and wellness industry is booming, creating opportunity—and a competitive market. Wellness businesses can apply these branding best practices to stand out and connect with customers.
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Gabor Molnar

NFTs for Designers: An Introduction

By Gabor Molnar
The global NFT market relies on designers to support artists, Web3 platforms and marketplaces, and major global brands. Toptal designer Gabor Molnar offers insights from his experience breaking into this emerging field.
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Guoming Xu

Designing Remote Ideation Workshops for Startups

By Guoming Xu
Remote ideation workshops help companies address business-related problems through creative exercises that prioritize speed, teamwork, and innovative thinking.
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Abigail Beshkin

Building and Scaling a Design System in Figma: A Case Study

By Abigail Beshkin
Building a design system for a multinational company means cataloging every component in meticulous detail. It’s a massive undertaking that calls for both a big-picture view and a focus on specifics. Here's how one design system team leader accomplished it.
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Majo Puterka

Another Dimension, New Mastery: An Isometric Illustration Tutorial

By Majo Puterka
How can inexperienced illustrators build their skills (and hopefully land more clients)? Look no further than this refreshingly fun isometric illustration tutorial.
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Charlie Osborne

Remote Brand Strategy Workshops: The Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

By Charlie Osborne
Brand strategy workshops align stakeholders and set the tone for the work that follows. Better still, they produce brands that go beyond aesthetic appeal to achieve business goals.
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Jason Gilmour

Consistency Is Key: How to Build a Figma Design System

By Jason Gilmour
Figma has advanced features that are tailored to meet expectations for consistency during the design process. This tutorial outlines how a Figma component library can work well within a design system.
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Manuele Capacci

Mini Tutorial – Leveraging Figma’s Features for the Entire Design Process

By Manuele Capacci
Can one program handle the entire digital product design process? Learn how Figma, a web-based interface design tool, promotes collaboration, iteration, and documentation throughout the design process.
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