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Kaushik Ghosh

Meaningful Design and the Art of Delightful UX

By Kaushik Ghosh
Creating meaningful designs, capturing customer attention, and influencing their behavior is something that designers and marketers will agree is one of the most difficult things to achieve.
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Miklos Philips

Art vs Design – A Timeless Debate

By Miklos Philips
Two Toptal designers engage in a lively debate about aesthetics, objectivity, and the definition of art and design.
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Tanya Junell

Product Strategy: A Guide to Core Concepts and Processes

By Tanya Junell
In this age of lean startups, designers often find themselves in stretch roles where they are in charge not only of a product’s design but also of coming up with the type of product to build.
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Ivan Annikov

How to Conduct Effective UX Research: A Guide

By Ivan Annikov
Effective user research doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many low-cost methods available, all of which will put a designer on the road to designing better products.
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Miklos Philips

The Ultimate UX Hook : Anticipatory, Persuasive, and Emotional Design in UX

By Miklos Philips
Some products prove irresistible because they combine psychological design techniques that create an ultimate UX hook: anticipatory, persuasive, and emotional design.
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James Pikover

The Value of Design Thinking in Business

By James Pikover
Product innovation happens at the intersection of desirability, business viability, and technological feasibility. Design thinking—with a proven ROI—integrates all three and delivers business value.
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Miklos Philips

Dark UIs. The Good and the Bad. Dos and Don’ts.

By Miklos Philips
Dark-themed UIs can be dramatic, stylish, and elegant. But despite the many benefits, they come with a slew of challenges and potential pitfalls that every designer would be wise to keep in mind.
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