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Kiran Khan

Haptics in Healthcare: An Opportunity for Designers to Help Revolutionize Telemedicine

By Kiran Khan
Telemedicine has exploded in recent years, expanding access to healthcare services. But it's missing an indispensable element of medical care: touch. Enter haptic technology.
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Micah Bowers

From Promoting to Creating: How an Advertising Leader Found His Calling in VR Gaming

By Micah Bowers
Why did one designer leave a prominent role in the advertising industry and travel halfway around the world to pursue a UX career in VR gaming?
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Ted Evans

Leap Into VR/AR Design

By Ted Evans
Virtual reality is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Immersive technology desperately needs skilled designers to jump in, get involved, take risks, and create something new. Leap into VR/AR!
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Tidjane Tall

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality vs. Mixed Reality: An Introductory Guide

By Tidjane Tall
Despite having many things in common, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are not the same. Learn the essential differentiators and design considerations for these promising cousin technologies.
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