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Jorge Gonzalez Miksi

You Be You: Creating Content for the Gen Z Design Aesthetic

By Jorge Gonzalez Miksi
Today’s young adults have enormous buying power, but they’re choosy shoppers with particular tastes. Understanding what drives their purchasing decisions can help you design content that resonates with Gen Z.
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Micah Bowers

Paving the Path to Purchase: E-commerce UX Best Practices

By Micah Bowers
Mobile e-commerce may be the future, but desktop sites are digital gold mines. To engage shoppers, boost product value, and unlock more revenue, designers must master these e-commerce UX best practices.
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Mayank Sharma

Webflow Advantages for No Code Web Design: A Case Study

By Mayank Sharma
A new generation of no code web design tools promises to free designers from the tedium of traditional web development. We explore how to use Webflow to design and launch a startup company website.
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Astha Agarwal

Give Them Incentive: How to Leverage a Loyalty Program Design Framework

By Astha Agarwal
In 2019, India’s largest airline went bankrupt, and its frequent flyers switched to a new platform. We examine the loyalty program design for InterMiles, a rewards platform focused on lifestyles.
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Andres Esquivel

Solutions, Not Art – The True Business Value of Design

By Andres Esquivel
Designers who focus on the business value of design will make themselves more indispensable to companies because businesses aren’t buying design; they are buying outcomes.
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Jason Gilmour

Consistency Is Key: How to Build a Figma Design System

By Jason Gilmour
Figma has advanced features that are tailored to meet expectations for consistency during the design process. This tutorial outlines how a Figma component library can work well within a design system.
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Bree Chapin

How to Design Landing Pages That Convert

By Bree Chapin
There are millions of sites out there vying for attention and engagement. High-converting landing pages convert visitors into leads and help businesses reach their marketing and growth objectives.
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Bojan Janjanin
By Bojan Janjanin
Are the hazards worth it when designers turn into web design trend-chasers? Web design trends, if not considered carefully and implemented with caution, could lead to several common UX mistakes.
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Darko Stanimirović

Looking at Ro-Lu: A Usability Case Study

By Darko Stanimirović
How do designers balance a website’s originality with its user-friendliness? Do they retreat to the safety of what is acceptable and risk the design falling flat, or implement a risky but unique design?
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