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The Benefits of a Design System: Making Better Products, Faster

By Molham Bakir

Design systems increase collaboration, ensure consistency, and accelerate design and development cycles. Toptal product designer Molham Bakir lays out how—and shares insights and tips from his experience building them.

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UX Design Job Interview Tips for Global Candidates: Landing Your Dream Role in the US

By Elena Bukhonok

Searching for a design job is never easy—and it’s even more challenging if you’re new to the country and culture you want to work in. Here are steps one designer took to build a successful design career in America.

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Sharpen Your Skills With Fun Online Games for Designers

By Susanne Aubert

Online design games are perfect for practicing tricky tools and techniques, boosting core UI/UX skills, and keeping pace with a rapidly evolving industry.

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NFTs for Designers: An Introduction

By Gabor Molnar

The global NFT market relies on designers to support artists, Web3 platforms and marketplaces, and major global brands. Toptal designer Gabor Molnar offers insights from his experience breaking into this emerging field.

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What’s Below the Surface: A Look at UX in the Beauty Industry

By Abigail Beshkin

Innovations in tech and shifts in consumer behavior are changing the cosmetics and skin care business. Here’s how designers in beauty UI and UX are adapting to the new trends.

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4 Steps to Mastering the MVP Development Process

By Calin Balea

In the world of startup products, design resources are scarce. This four-step MVP process helps designers build and launch user-friendly products on time without blowing their budgets.

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The Future of User Interface Design: Next-generation UI Tools

By Damir Kotorić

The next wave of UI design tools will fully integrate design and code to provide a seamless experience for designers and developers.

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Helping AI See Clearly: A Dashboard Design Case Study

By Fellype Silva

In this dashboard design case study, Toptal UI expert Fellype Silva describes how he built a user interface that improved the image recognition capabilities of automated AI systems.

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Retain Users With These Mobile App Onboarding Inspirations

By Michael Abehsera

Mobile app onboarding is fraught with frustration and friction, but it doesn't have to be this way. Learn from these exquisit onboarding examples specifically designed to engage and retain users.

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