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Equity Levels of Value: The Logic Behind Premiums and Discounts

by Nathan Krishnan S

Business value is much more than just the sum of discounted future cash flows. There are strategic elements related to equity control that also determine true worth. These factors manifest through control, liquidity, marketability, and synergistic discounts and premiums.

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Looking at Failed IPOs in the Age of the Unicorn

by Natasha Ketabchi

For many years, the IPO market appeared dormant. 2019, however, is bucking the trend with a large number of high-profile tech companies going live on stock exchanges. Not all of these IPOs have been successes. What is the process and what determines success (or lack thereof)?

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Plant Power: A Look at Beyond Meat and Its Competitors

by Natasha Ketabchi

One of the most notable developments of recent years has been the boom in veganism. The Beyond Meat Company’s IPO in May 2019 captured this zeitgeist and is one of the stand-out financial events of the year. Can the company live up to the hype and satisfy its investors?

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Paying It Forward: Understanding Leveraged Buyouts

by Martin Kemeny

Leveraged buyouts are among the most mythical, and highly-touted transactions on Wall Street. Yet, their success is predicated on successful comprehension of a business’ potential and negotiating the right terms for a deal

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The Power of Choice: Bootstrapping vs. Venture Capital

by Pala Kuppusamy

As a founder, how should you decide how to fund your start up and think about bootstrapping vs. venture capital? Each comes with advantages and limitations. A framework can help compare the two and decide how to get funding for a startup.

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State of the Venture Capital Industry in 2019 (with Infographic)

by Alex Graham, CFA (deleted)

Over the past decade, venture capital funding has risen by 17% annually to a figure $254 billion. What factors have contributed to this surge and what do they mean for the industry going forward?

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Perfecting Private Accommodations: Airbnb vs. Expedia

by Tyler Cain

As Airbnb may soon IPO, how does it compare against more traditional businesses in the travel space? We compare it to another top company in the travel sector, Expedia, and analyze how their originally divergent strategies are slowly converging.

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Climbing the IoT Value Chain

by Peter Wells

Impactful applications of IoT are certain to emerge in the near future. We explore how finance professionals should think of the value it can generate for their business by creating a thought framework.

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