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Miklos Lukacs, CFA

Bots for Finance: How to Increase Back-office Efficiency Through Automation

By Miklos Lukacs, CFA
Automating basic financial functions can save your company time and money and free your employees from tedious rote tasks. Toptal finance expert Miklos Lukacs explains how building a simple Python bot can streamline your business.
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Michael J. McDonald

Crypto Exchange Wars: How Coinbase Stacks Up Against Its Rivals

By Michael J. McDonald
Coinbase is among the hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges that have sought to fill a gap left by the mainstream, for years offering investors the only platforms for investing in Bitcoin and other tokens. However the industry has matured, and the mainstream is warming up to crypto, making the exchange business hotly contested and challenging leaders like Coinbase.
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Natasha Ketabchi

The State of Private Equity in 2020

By Natasha Ketabchi
The state of global private equity in 2020 is complex, mainly due to economic activity drastically contracting since the second quarter. Many businesses are on the brink of collapse. In these extraordinary times, what are the main challenges that private equity funds face?
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Michael Ng

How Freelance Finance Consultants Are Beating Big Firms

By Michael Ng
Freelance finance consultants are delivering high-quality results for clients at a lower cost than traditional consulting firms. How do they manage to do it? One of Toptal’s most in-demand finance freelancers, Michael Ng, explains how freelancers are able to outdo their more established competitors when it comes to communication, expertise, and ROI.
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Natasha Ketabchi

Business Analytics Tips: Harness Your Data to Improve Decision-making

By Natasha Ketabchi
Many organizations that think they’re data-driven are still in first gear. How do you go from simply collecting a lot of data to setting up a business analytics function that actually tells you how to tweak your model to improve profitability?
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Saveen Kumar

Quality of Earnings: A Key Pillar of Financial Due Diligence

By Saveen Kumar
Financial due diligence is the process of making sure the price of an asset is in line with its operating performance “under the hood.” Assessing the quality of earnings is one of its key tests: How sustainable is the business’ reported financial performance?
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Jeff Anapolsky

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: What Is It and What Happens Next?

By Jeff Anapolsky
Bankruptcy is a high-stakes game for creditors and debtors. Understanding the process steps of a Chapter 11 reorganization is critical for related parties looking to protect their interests.
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Remote Reinvention: How to Find Freelance Work

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Building up a pipeline of work as a finance consultant requires a portfolio approach to the various inbound and outbound options for lead generation.
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Jeff Anapolsky

Financial Distress in a Crisis: You Can’t Predict, You Can Prepare

By Jeff Anapolsky
Financial distress can quickly escalate during times of economic stress. What are the steps to take to protect against downside risks while preserving upside optionality?
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