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Looking at Failed IPOs in the Age of the Unicorn

by Natasha Ketabchi

For many years, the IPO market appeared dormant. 2019, however, is bucking the trend with a large number of high-profile tech companies going live on stock exchanges. Not all of these IPOs have been successes. What is the process and what determines success (or lack thereof)?

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Plant Power: A Look at Beyond Meat and Its Competitors

by Natasha Ketabchi

One of the most notable developments of recent years has been the boom in veganism. The Beyond Meat Company’s IPO in May 2019 captured this zeitgeist and is one of the stand-out financial events of the year. Can the company live up to the hype and satisfy its investors?

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Paying It Forward: Understanding Leveraged Buyouts

by Martin Kemeny

Leveraged buyouts are among the most mythical, and highly-touted transactions on Wall Street. Yet, their success is predicated on successful comprehension of a business’ potential and negotiating the right terms for a deal

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The Power of Choice: Bootstrapping vs. Venture Capital

by Pala Kuppusamy

As a founder, how should you decide how to fund your start up and think about bootstrapping vs. venture capital? Each comes with advantages and limitations. A framework can help compare the two and decide how to get funding for a startup.

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Revenue-Based Financing in VC: A Study on Playing Averages Over Home Runs

by Alex Graham, CFA

Revenue-based financing allows an entrepreneur to repay an investment over time, to retake ownership of their business, and give a capped return to investors. With founders increasingly rejecting the scale-at-all-costs mentality, this article investigates the math of revenue-based investing and whether in VC it is possible to play averages over home runs.

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Aligned for Success – A Guide to What Investors Look For in a Startup

by David Bradshaw

Startup investors are not benevolent creatures, they’re looking for certain signals that help to persuade them to part with their money. This guide, written from an investor’s perspective, intends to help startups understand the key areas to focus on and emphasize when raising money.

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Business Plan Consultants: Who They Are And How they Create Value

by Josh Chapman

Due in part to the unceremonial nature of its title, the value-creation potential of business plan consultants is often misunderstood and underappreciated. Questions such as, "What do they do that I can’t?", "Why do they cost so much?” and, "Don’t you think we can handle this ourselves?", all too often haunt their practice. Having prolifically added value to 25+ clients across a range of industries, sizes, and mandates, Toptal Finance Expert, Josh Chapman, sheds light on the full scope of business plan consulting. What it is to be a great business plan consultant, how they create value, and what skills, attributes and experiences constitute the greats vs. the pretenders.

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Fundraising Consultants vs. Broker-dealers

by Aleksey N. Krylov, CFA

Fundraising is hard to get right, which is why companies of all sorts often turn to fundraising experts for help and advice regarding the fundraising process. There is a multitude of different professional figures that help companies raise capital, but for startups and growth companies, the two figures most often encountered are fundraising consultants and broker-dealers. Who is right for which endeavor?

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For Founders Raising Capital: Thinking Through the Implications of Convertible Notes

by Jeffrey Briggs

Convertible notes have become an increasingly popular and common method for raising capital by startups, but how well do founders truly understand the implications of going down this route? In this article, Toptal Finance Expert Jeffrey Briggs outlines the basics of convertible note structures, and runs through the pros and cons of using them to raise money for new entrepreneurial ventures.

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