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Brian Nichol

Tell a Compelling Story: Pitch Deck Components That Persuade

By Brian Nichol
To persuade investors to fund your startup, your pitch deck must do more than present a solid business case. It must generate an emotional response.
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Julio C. Ortiz

Successful SaaS Fundraising: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

By Julio C. Ortiz
Investors have been pouring capital into SaaS startups. But that doesn’t mean raising funds is easy. This guide to finding the right financing options can help lead you to the treasure in this tricky terrain.
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Brendan Fitzgerald

Strategies for Raising Startup Capital in Small Markets

By Brendan Fitzgerald
Raising startup capital in smaller cities is harder than in prominent areas, like Silicon Valley. Strategies for fundraising must be tweaked to account for the different blend of investors on offer.
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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of Agrifood Technology

By Francesco Castellano
As environmental, social, and demographic factors increasingly put pressure on traditional food production, investors and entrepreneurs are turning to innovation. Many promising startups are emerging, all with a focus on producing food in a more efficient and sustainable way.
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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of the Agrifood Industry

By Francesco Castellano
The amount of money pouring into Agrifood tech has increased more than sixfold since 2012: from $3 billion to almost $18 billion. In the first part of this series, we examine the three changing conditions making this field ripe for innovation and analyze emerging technologies.
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Sean Kae Siang Lim

Financial Forecasting When Modeling with Missing Data

By Sean Kae Siang Lim
A financial forecast is a map that leads investors to the end goal. Most forecasts fail because they assume the ability to capture a market without detailing the assumptions to get them there. Startup financial models must be granular, with no missing steps from points A to Z.
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Pala Kuppusamy

The Power of Choice: Bootstrapping vs. Venture Capital

By Pala Kuppusamy
As a founder, how should you decide how to fund your start up and think about bootstrapping vs. venture capital? Each comes with advantages and limitations. A framework can help compare the two and decide how to get funding for a startup.
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State of the Venture Capital Industry in 2019 (with Infographic)

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Over the past decade, venture capital funding has risen by 17% annually to a figure $254 billion. What factors have contributed to this surge and what do they mean for the industry going forward?
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Bertrand Deleuse

Selecting the Right Valuation Method for Pre-IPO Startups

By Bertrand Deleuse
Valuation for mature late-stage startups can be tricky: Too developed for guestimate methods, yet still without the depth of data offered by public market companies.
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