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Name Your Price: 4 Counterintuitive Pricing Strategy Tips

By Kalil Gebrim Rodrigues

High inflation means it’s crucial for managers to pay closer attention to pricing. Toptal finance expert Kalil Rodrigues shares four outside-the-box tips for optimizing your pricing strategy.

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The Price Is Right: A Pricing Strategy Overview for Consumer Companies

By Natasha Ketabchi

Pricing your products appropriately is one of the keys to the success of your company. So why do entrepreneurs often treat it as an afterthought? What are some of the available pricing strategies and how should they be applied by startup entrepreneurs?

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Pricing Strategies for Success: A Practical Guide

By Dalibor Pajic

Pricing strategy is one of the most important functions that any business engages in. Prices are a foundational element of a company's revenues—If managed carefully, they can generate high profits and consequently cash. But setting prices appropriately is tricky, and when mistakes are made, companies suffer. In this article, Toptal Finance Expert Dalibor Pajic draws on his 15+ year career in corporate finance to outline seven practical examples of when pricing strategy plays a crucial role, with the aim of illustrating how pricing decisions can be approached in different situations. Pending

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Price Elasticity 2.0: From Theory to The Real World

By Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Price elasticity theory was once the haunt of classical economists, with loose applications in the real world. Today, companies such as Uber, with its sheer volume of data and surge algorithms, are able to continuously triangulate price elasticities in real time to manipulate demand, moment-to-moment. This article introduces the fundamentals of price elasticity of demand theory before taking us back into the real world, where theory will meet both big data and consumer psychology to create new possibilities.

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Meal Kit Industry Blues: How Can Blue Apron Lift Its Malaise?

By Michael Yarmo

In the past five years, Blue Apron has brought meal kits to the masses and commands a 40% market share in the USA. Yet all is not rosy; its financial losses have continually accelerated and it has ceded 17% of its market share in the past year. Amazon buying Whole Foods on the eve of its 2017 IPO could have just been bad luck, or prescient signs of what’s to come for Blue Apron. This article looks at ways that the business can get its house in order and win back the Millennial kitchen.

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How to Choose the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Business

By Toptal Research

Pricing a product or service is a delicate art, there are many options to choose and the optimal one is never set in stone. In this tutorial, we run down some of the popular methods and how you can select the most appropriate strategy for your business.

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SaaS Pricing Models: Pricing Strategy Examples and Best Practices

By Tayfun Uslu

Pricing strategy is one of the most important financial levers that companies have at their disposal to influence the financial success of their business. However, it is not an easy task. This article analyzes SaaS software pricing strategies and finds that several of the operational characteristics of the business model generate some very useful pricing advantages that can help drive financial performance.

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