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Forensic Accounting: Due Diligence’s Secret Weapon

By Ryan Zanoni

More than just a way to investigate financial crimes, forensic accounting is the most in-depth form of due diligence and compliance. But smaller firms often overlook its value. Here’s why that’s risky.

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The State of Private Equity in 2020

By Natasha Ketabchi

The state of global private equity in 2020 is complex, mainly due to economic activity drastically contracting since the second quarter. Many businesses are on the brink of collapse. In these extraordinary times, what are the main challenges that private equity funds face?

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Five Steps to Success: A Private Equity Fundraising Checklist

By Frank Elvinger

Raising money as a new private equity fund manager can be a daunting task. Breaking down the tasks into a checklist is an effective way of building a compelling and consistent investment strategy.

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Why Investors Are Choosing Independent Sponsor Models vs. Traditional PE Funds

By Pierre-Alexandre Heurtebize

For investors fed up with private equity management fees on uncommitted capital, the independent sponsor model might be the answer. Pierre-Alexandre Heurtebize demystifies the growing model, analyzing the pros and cons from the perspective of investors as well as investee companies.

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How Freelance Private Equity Consultants Unlock Shareholder Value

By Natasha Ketabchi

How can PE funds effectively deploy $1.5 trillion in dry powder? One solution: outsource certain types of work to high-quality freelance private equity consultants. Consultants can enhance a PE team’s firepower both internally and externally.

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EdTech Industry Analysis & Trends (2020)

By Steven Southwick

Education has rapidly evolved away from the red-brick schoolhouse model. About $7.0 billion was invested globally by VC funds into the edtech market in 2019. This is expected to grow 3x over the next decade. Where is the money going? What characteristics do new competitors need to be sustainable?

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All in the Family - A Guide to Family Offices

By Greg Barasia, CFA

Family Offices are becoming increasingly popular and prominent in investment circles. Their rise is due to changing economic conditions and the increased flexibility and control that families wish to exert with their capital.

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Paying It Forward: Understanding Leveraged Buyouts

By Martin Kemeny

Fully leveraged buyouts are among the most mythical and highly touted transactions on Wall Street. Yet, their success is predicated on successful comprehension of a business's potential and the ability to negotiate the right terms for a deal.

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What Makes for a Successful Management Buyout Process?

By Tyler Cain

Buying out the business you work for and then running it yourself doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Management buyouts (MBOs) have been popular since the 1980s and when aligned correctly are appealing propositions for owners and motivated management teams.

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