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Publications Distribution Manager
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Publications Distribution Manager

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Toptal is a global network of top freelance talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. With $200+ million in annual revenue and over 40% year-over-year growth, Toptal is the world’s largest fully remote company.

We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun. We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

Position Description

We are looking for a Publications Distribution Manager to grow the audience, listeners, and reader/viewership of all of our Publications content (including Vertical Blogs, Insights,,, and podcasts) by improving distribution. This person will own the marketing and distribution strategy for all Publications content and will work with all teams in Marketing across all channels.

This person will own the distribution strategy for all of our longform content and podcasts, including both:

  • Pre-publishing strategy—determining what will resonate with audiences by working with our internal SEO team and identifying what constitutes viral and edgy content for our target audiences.
  • Post-publishing strategy—creating a strategy for distributing, amplifying, and sharing content across all channels of marketing.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere. Due to the remote nature of this role, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. Resumes and communication must be submitted in English.


  • Develop and implement content distribution strategy across all Toptal publications and platforms. Conduct thorough and ongoing analyses of competitors’ content and distribution to inform our efforts.
  • Analyze the performance of historic and newly published articles across key metrics and use these insights to guide future creative direction.
  • Work to continuously scale the impact of our Publications team, by growing our large readership of smart, educated, and driven individuals.
  • Work with our internal communications and SEO teams to identify publications and editors who may be interested in covering or republishing our content on their niche publications.
  • Partner with leaders and notable figures with substantial followings within each vertical to better amplify and disseminate our content.
  • Develop relationships with established organizations willing to promote our content, republish our content, or point to our content in newsletters.
  • Assist Editors and Writers by determining what content best serves our audiences and answers their most pressing concerns rather than simply evangelizing our perspective.
  • Use analytical tools including reports and dashboards to monitor, track, and measure awareness, engagement, and article performance.
  • Interpret data from the Business Intelligence team to create meaningful, actionable recommendations for the Publications team.
  • Develop, design, and implement a growth-oriented approach to newsletters that drives revenue.
  • Develop relationships with relevant publications and media outlets who would share, republish, and link to our content.
  • Develop and implement a new audience segmentation strategy.
  • Help facilitate effective training on marketing-related topics to ensure all of the relevant stakeholders are properly educated on how to infuse the best marketing tactics into their content, initiatives, and publications to maximum impact.
  • Provide thought leadership, strategic insight, and clear communication (written and verbal) to your team and the organization on the company’s publications marketing strategy.

In the first week, expect to:

  • Onboard and integrate into Toptal.
  • Learn about Toptal’s history, culture, and vision.
  • Work with the Publications team to understand our content.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Toptal’s Public Relations, Communications, and Publications functions.
  • Partner with the team to analyze and understand your function’s key KPIs, along with how these are monitored and impacted.
  • Work with the Growth Product, Integrated Marketing, and Publications teams to identify and set performance goals for our publications.

In the first three months, expect to:

  • Develop relationships with relevant publications and media outlets who would share, republish, and link to our content.
  • Define and present a distribution strategy for all publications.
  • Stay on the cutting-edge of industry trends and provide intelligence to the Toptal team to help drive content strategy.

In the first six months, expect to:

  • Work with your team to build visibility of the publications, grow their readership, and drive engagement and conversion.
  • Run and continuously scale publications distribution, consistently working to improve the quality and impact of the publication via internal and external partnerships.


  • You must have at least five years of experience in audience-related efforts in a media organization or a similar type of role where you leveraged extensive amounts of data to draw insights about potential audiences and marketing strategies and thus make decisions on the best path forward based on those insights.
  • You must be able to easily classify and understand audience personas to create effective marketing distribution strategies that resonate with that precise audience type.
  • You must be able to be given a publication strategy and from that, be able to quickly research, analyze, and create strategies around which channels to use to distribute content, and know what type of content is most likely effective for a specific audience.
  • You must have a best-in-class, analytical and data-driven background and a deep understanding of how to engage consumers with content to drive engagement and brand loyalty. Fluency in Google Analytics and SEO best practices is a must.
  • You must know how to quantitatively analyze and optimize marketing programs and growth initiatives and demonstrate the ability to provide management with distribution campaign insights and suggestions for improving overall performance. A lean, data-driven, process and KPI-oriented mentality is critical.
  • You must have a strong bias for action and the ability to foster a competitive, results-driven mentality. You must be extremely persistent by nature and unwilling to let your team lose or leave problems unsolved.
  • You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • You must have a deep understanding and proven track record of managing email and SMS campaigns, safeguarding deliverability, and list health. Knowledge of how to maintain compliance with email and SMS legal requirements including TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA is preferred.
  • You must have experience developing innovative ways to acquire consumer opt-ins (leads) using a variety of techniques.
  • A knowledge of customer LTV and how it contributes to channel optimization, KPIs, mix, and prioritization.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.
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Who You Will Work With

Taso Du Val

Taso Du Val


As Toptal’s Chief Executive Officer, Taso manages Toptal’s core team of hundreds of team members distributed throughout the world, with a focus on innovation. Since Toptal was founded in 2010, Taso has led it to become the largest high-skilled, on-demand talent network in the world. Taso serves on the board of multiple organizations, advising on talent strategy and innovation for Fortune 100s and nonprofits. Taso has guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Wharton, and Oxford on talent management and entrepreneurship.

Michelle Labbe

Michelle Labbe

Chief People Officer

As Toptal's Chief People Officer, Michelle is accountable for our People and Recruiting teams, creating and maintaining a world-class experience for all Toptal team members through hiring, developing, and retaining our top talent. Previously, she served as Chief People Officer at ICR. Her 20+ year career has included senior Talent leadership roles across both the startup and agency world, spanning multiple industries. Michelle has a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Arizona.

Kleanthis Georgaris

Kleanthis Georgaris

SVP of Product

As Toptal's SVP of Product, Kleanthis drives the evolution of Toptal's platform and associated products, working closely with operations and engineering teams to drive and support our hypergrowth by providing a seamless, on-demand experience for clients and network talent. He specializes in digital talent networks, leveraging a diverse background at both Microsoft and McKinsey, many early- and late-stage startups, as well as launching a startup of his own. Kleanthis has a BS in Computer Science from Athens University of Economics and Business and an MBA from the National Technical University of Athens.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

VP of Publications

As Toptal's VP of Publications, Emily brings her rich background overseeing publishing businesses and content teams for companies big and small. Her most recent role was as CEO of Wild Sky Media where she oversaw a portfolio of parenting brands including, Cafemom, and MamasLatinas. Previously, she was the President and Chief Growth Officer at DIY and lifestyle brand Brit+Co. She was the SVP, Digital at Tribune for three years where she built and grew functions such as audience development, social programming, and editorial product management. She also worked for Disney for 12 years, primarily overseeing websites and content strategies within Disney Online. Emily holds a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley and currently lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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