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Danny Rubyono

7 Expert Tips for Creating a Convincing Promo Video

By Danny Rubyono
Drawing on more than 25 years of design and motion graphics experience, Toptal designer Danny Rubyono explains how he makes enticing promo videos that compel viewers to action.
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Bariledum Keenam

Supporting Diverse Needs: A Rebranding Success Story

By Bariledum Keenam
Brand designer Bari Keenam shares how he turned a tricky logo redesign into a brand overhaul that helped his client establish an emotional connection with its customers.
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Susanne Aubert

Sharpen Your Skills With Fun Online Games for Designers

By Susanne Aubert
Online design games are perfect for practicing tricky tools and techniques, boosting core UI/UX skills, and keeping pace with a rapidly evolving industry.
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Emily Adiseshiah

Elevate Your E-commerce Journey With Animated UX Microinteractions

By Emily Adiseshiah
Toptal experts share their insights and best practices for designing motion effects that enhance e-commerce UX and increase conversions.
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Alexandre Brito

Leveraging Fitts’ Law: User Interface Design Principles for E-commerce

By Alexandre Brito
Apply this midcentury mathematical law to e-commerce UI design and convert visitors into customers.
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Micah Bowers

The Widening Impact of the Motion Design Industry

By Micah Bowers
What does the motion design industry encompass, how does motion design impact business, and what problems are motion designers uniquely equipped to solve?
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Mayank Sharma

How to Improve App Settings UX

By Mayank Sharma
Well-designed settings panels allow users to tailor apps to their needs and help companies lower customer-support costs. What techniques ensure effortless settings UX?
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Micah Bowers

Why Internal Corporate Software Is So Frustrating (with Infographic)

By Micah Bowers
At the enterprise level, user mistakes can imperil thousands of employees, customers, and shareholders. With so much at stake, usability isn’t a luxury; it’s mandatory.
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Miklos Philips

In the Spotlight: The Principles of Dark UI Design

By Miklos Philips
Dark themes can be dramatic and elegant, but crafting them comes with many hurdles and potential pitfalls. Following the principles of dark UI design will help designers achieve successful results.
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