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Taking IKEA Out of Its Box and Redesigning It for 1.6 Billion Users

by Michael Abehsera

IKEA is a global retailer, but its online presence has been called cluttered, difficult to navigate, and dated. We're overhauling IKEA's web experience and addressing its most pressing issues.

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Upgrade Your Analytics With These Dashboard Design Inspirations

by Santiago Baigorria

Dashboard anylitics are used by engineers, product teams, and executives because they offer valuable insights into the success of digital products. We've collected the web's most impressive examples.

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Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Brand Story

by Micah Bowers

With practice, designers can develop a unique voice and create brands that are infused with unexpected strands of meaning and purpose that thrill clients and the people they’re trying to reach.

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What Google and Adobe Can Teach Us About Feature Creep

by Luciano Vizza

Most designers know that feature creep is a big problem. One extra feature might not sink the ship, but it doesn’t take long for one feature to become 20 features, sinking the entire project.

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Turn Error Into Opportunity With These 404 Page Inspirations

by Jônatas Vieira

Although 404 error pages are generally disliked by companies that think they should never occur, designers should treat the 404 page as another opportunity to surprise and delight an audience.

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Design for Reality, Not Glory

by Michael Abehsera

Designers often choose ego over reality when creating redesigns to boost their portfolio and career. Instead, they should focus on small and local businesses, and—more importantly—always be learning.

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Delight Users at Checkout With These Payment Page Inspirations

by Kent Mundle

Payment interactions are incredibly important. They are the culmination of all other efforts to connect with users on a site or app, making it vital for designers to explore all possible options.

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Get Inspired with These Data Visualizations

by Kent Mundle

If data isn’t shown properly, it’s essentially useless. No one wants to spend hours trying to interpret data. But clever, interactive, intuitive visualizations can massively differentiate designers.

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