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A New Brand with an Edge

by Taso Du Val

Today is an exciting day at Toptal: We are announcing a new logo to complete our new brand!

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Designed, Sealed, Delivered – The Power of Logo Package Express

by Micah Bowers

We test the limits of Logo Package Express, a tool that claims to name, save, and organize every file needed for a logo package in under two minutes.

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The Origins of Bad Logo Redesigns

by Micah Bowers

A logo redesign without controversy is like a workout with no sweat. It's possible, but is it impactful? We scrutinize high-drama logo updates and ask why they caught fire in the public arena.

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Logo History 101 – A Walkthrough of Lasting Impressions

by Micah Bowers

Join us on a journey through the annals of design history and test your knowledge of famous logos along the way.

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Design Talks: The Pursuit of Value-based Design with Nick Disabato

by Miklos Philips

This week’s guest on Toptal Design Talks is Nick Disabato who discusses value-based design, an expansion of the design process that focuses on specific business needs.

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From Concept to Reality: A Guide to Logo Development

by Tidjane Tall

Whether we need a logo for an app, a startup, or brand positioning, following trends is not enough. A carefully considered design process is needed to design an impactful logo and brand.

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