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Christopher Holloway

Communicating With Investors: Best Practices for Startups

By Christopher Holloway
Investors aren’t patrons—they’re business partners, and startups should treat them as such. Regular updates and the occasional call for advice go a long way toward optimizing the relationship.
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Brian Nichol

Tell a Compelling Story: Pitch Deck Components That Persuade

By Brian Nichol
To persuade investors to fund your startup, your pitch deck must do more than present a solid business case. It must generate an emotional response.
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Erik Stettler

The Evolution of Venture Capital: Investing in Global Talent

By Erik Stettler
By adopting a global talent acquisition strategy, venture capital not only extends the opportunities of entrepreneurship across the world, it helps startups reduce churn and break even faster.
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Frank Elvinger

Five Steps to Success: A Private Equity Fundraising Checklist

By Frank Elvinger
Raising money as a new private equity fund manager can be a daunting task. Breaking down the tasks into a checklist is an effective way of building a compelling and consistent investment strategy.
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Brendan Fitzgerald

The Art of the Fundraising Pitch Deck

By Brendan Fitzgerald
The flow of a fundraising pitch deck is vital for striking a chord with investors and clearly displaying the narrative of the business. Going through a successful pitch deck slide by slide is one of the most effective ways to learn how to build a flow.
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Steven Southwick
By Steven Southwick
Education has rapidly evolved away from the red-brick schoolhouse model. About $7.0 billion was invested globally by VC funds into the edtech market in 2019. This is expected to grow 3x over the next decade. Where is the money going? What characteristics do new competitors need to be sustainable?
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Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA

Corporate Venture Capital: The Devil...or an Innovative Growth Channel?

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA
In industries seeing stagnant growth or a negative impact from uncontrollable, outside forces, many companies are turning to corporate venture capital as an alternative means to innovation. Yet, famed venture capitalist Fred Wilson once said that corporate venture capital was the “devil.”
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Aaron Chockla

Are Million-dollar Markets Better Than Billion-dollar Markets?

By Aaron Chockla
Entrepreneurs have been hardcoded to aim at billion-dollar sized markets with their solutions. However, such lucrative markets will appeal to many others and thus, are hard to succeed in. Going after smaller market sizes may be the more logical path to success.
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Natasha Ketabchi

State of the Fintech Industry (with Infographic)

By Natasha Ketabchi
Tech firms have enjoyed a deluge of funding in the last few years. Fintech is no exception. Now is the time to see which companies are here to stay and can become profitable - there will be some necessary consolidation and perhaps some high-profile failures.
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