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DesignIcon ChevronMobile Design

Mobile App Design Best Practices and Mistakes

by Cameron Chapman

Following some basic mobile app design best practices and avoiding the most common mistakes will help designers create apps that live past the crucial 90-day mark when 71% are abandoned. 🔊

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DesignIcon ChevronDesigner Life

Art vs Design – A Timeless Debate

by Miklos Philips

Two Toptal designers engage in a lively debate about aesthetics, objectivity, and the definition of art and design.

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DesignIcon ChevronTools and Tutorials

Who Knew Adobe CC Could Wireframe?

by Ivana Miličić

Wireframing is a major step in designing any user interface, whether a website, application, or software product. Apps in the Adobe CC suite can be used to create wireframes for an efficient workflow.

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DesignIcon ChevronDesign Process

Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Designs

by Bree Chapin

Here are a few exercises that can help get your creative juices flowing, whether you’re trying to get started on a new project or find yourself stuck in a creative rut.

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DesignIcon ChevronBrand Design

From Concept to Reality – A Guide to Logo Development

by Tidjane Tall

Whether we need a logo for an app, a startup, or brand positioning, following trends is not enough. A carefully considered design process is needed to design an impactful logo and brand.

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DesignIcon ChevronUI Design

Don't Try to Change the World, Design a Toy Instead

by Michael Abehsera

In apps, the next big thing is almost always initially dismissed as a toy. Things like Snapchat and VR, initially targeting the gaming industry and teen markets, ended up blossoming into disruptive technologies.

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DesignIcon ChevronUX Design

Design for Emotion to Increase User Engagement

by Miklos Philips

When done well, emotional design increases engagement and can elicit an emotion that will deliver a positive response in users. 🔊

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DesignIcon ChevronDesign Process

Design Constraints: Why Saying "No" is so Effective

by Micah Bowers

We can harness the power of constraints by consciously choosing to place strict limits on design options, and we needn’t look beyond our own smartphones to find compelling examples of how this works.

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DesignIcon ChevronUI Design

Convert Visitors with These Landing Page Inspirations

by Kent Mundle

Landing pages are an essential part of the digital sales funnel. These landing page examples are a great resource for designers looking to help clients convert website visitors into paying customers.

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