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Mariia Borysova

Democratizing User Research to Innovate and Refine Digital Products

By Mariia Borysova
Empowering non-researchers to collect client feedback can pave the way to better products and customer retention.
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Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Toptal designer Beatriz Garcia de Prado explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.
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Anna Vasyukova

How to Conduct User Research as a Team of One

By Anna Vasyukova
User research is essential to product design, but it can be challenging to do alone. Explore how a solo designer can optimize time and resources to uncover important user insights.
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Amy Oughton

Vital Design: The Importance of Healthcare App Accessibility

By Amy Oughton
COVID-19 made telemedicine popular—and in some cases, necessary. But many platforms and apps are inaccessible to those who need them most. Designers can change that.
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Fellype Silva

Helping AI See Clearly: A Dashboard Design Case Study

By Fellype Silva
In this dashboard design case study, Toptal UI expert Fellype Silva describes how he built a user interface that improved the image recognition capabilities of automated AI systems.
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Nataliia Pylypchuk

Understanding Cognitive Bias in Product Design, the Good and Bad (With Infographic)

By Nataliia Pylypchuk
Knowing the psychology of how and why we make certain decisions can help in creating more user-centric sites and apps.
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Ahmed Osman

Using Microsoft Clarity to Better Understand Users

By Ahmed Osman
Microsoft Clarity enables you to analyze how users interact with your website. What are Clarity’s unique features, and how can they improve your website’s user experience?
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Miklos Philips

COVID-19: The Ultimate Design Thinking Use Case

By Miklos Philips
We are living in extraordinary times as COVID-19 continues to cause crises across the world. Could designers make use of design thinking to solve urgent problems and come up with innovative solutions?
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Igor Dinuzzi

The Importance of UX and Design Thinking

By Igor Dinuzzi
There’s significant overlap between UX and Design Thinking. Like UX, Design Thinking is an iterative process where ideas breathe life based on the needs, thoughts, and behaviors of real users.
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