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The Toptal Design Blog is a hub for advanced design studies by professional designers in the Toptal network on all facets of digital design, ranging from detailed design tutorials to in-depth coverage of new design trends, techniques, and technologies.

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The Industry Could Do Without Pixel Density And PPI Marketing

by Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Despite the advances in displays, increasingly larger smartphones feel like a triumph of cunning marketing over sensible engineering. Meant to improve user experience, the opposite may be happening.

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Web Animation In The Post-Flash Era

by Ana Gregurec

We often use allegory to make an idea easier to understand. But using animation may be a better way to get the message across. Learn the value of animation and why it should be leveraged.

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Usability And The Art Of Portfolio Design: A Toptal Design Talk

by Darko Stanimirović

Examine how renowned studios such as Ro-Lu use online portfolios to push design boundaries in order to balance both usability and experimentation. Are portfolios an appropriate approach?

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