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New Web Order: An Overview of Content-First Design

by Robert Suckley

Designers do not simply decorate, they create an experience of moving through content. There are various strategies available that align the client and team in creating content that will result in better designs.

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Logo History 101 – A Walkthrough of Lasting Impressions

by Micah Bowers

Join us on a journey through the annals of design history, and test your knowledge of famous logos along the way.

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If You're Not Using UX Data, It's Not UX Design

by Micah Bowers

Intuition and experience without UX data lead to a dangerous assumption: Designer knows best. We’re drawing a line in the sand: If it’s not based on user research, it’s not UX design.

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Atomic Design and Sketch – A Guide to Improving Workflow

by Octavio Cruz García

Improving workflow and maintaining consistent design standards throughout a product can be achieved using Sketch and Atomic Design.

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The Importance of Design Education

by Jordan DeVos

Design education is often accused of being costly and irrelevant. But with a shift in perspective, universities don’t simply prepare students for a job, they cultivate innovation and ambition.

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Why You Don’t Need Design Education

by Micah Bowers

For decades, a design diploma was the golden ticket to career opportunity. As this path now faces scrutiny, we examine the issues plaguing design institutions and offer radical solutions for change.

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Strength in Numbers – An Overview of Data-driven Design

by Cameron Chapman

Data-driven UI design is both art and science. Understanding how to collect and analyze data and implement designs based on it is an important skill for beginner and expert designers alike.

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The Best UX Designer Portfolios – Inspiring Case Studies and Examples

by Miklos Philips

What makes a winning UX portfolio? More than a showcase of skills, a UX designer’s portfolio is an opportunity for them to create an enjoyable user experience as well as demonstrate their UX mastery.

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