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Getting Maximum Impact from a Minimum Valuable Product

by Cameron Chapman

While MVP methodology has been hailed by many as the “best” way to get a product to market quickly, there’s also been pushback—which is where the concept of a Minimum Valuable Product comes in.

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How to Manage a Design Diva (and Not Be One)

by Andi Omtvedt

The design diva is a disruptive personality type and a destructive force on a design team. How do we deal with this personality trait, and more importantly, how do we avoid becoming one ourselves?

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Personalized UX and the Power of Design and Emotion

by Chris Constandse

Personalization is all about communicating a message aimed directly at the individual user. Emotional design focuses on the overall emotional impact of design choices, including those that involve personalization. Combining the personal and the emotional is where the real magic happens.

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Design’s Driving Forces – A Website Redesign Case Study

by Goran Ramljak

When is the most appropriate time to do a website redesign? This case study walks us through a website redesign for a high-end auto company and outlines key issues along the way.

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Partners in Design – A Guide to Client Empathy

by Jay Oldaker

Being empathetic is not a selective practice. Designers know how to use empathy to uncover the behaviors and needs of a user. Those same methods and techniques can be used in client relationships.

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Card Sorting: Better Information Architecture by Aligning with Users' Mental Models

by Micah Bowers

Users shouldn’t need insider knowledge to find what they’re looking for on the web. Card sorting lets designers create intuitive UX by organizing content the way customers do in their minds.

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New Web Order: An Overview of Content-First Design

by Robert Suckley

Designers do not simply decorate, they create an experience of moving through content. There are various strategies available that align the client and team in creating content that will result in better designs.

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Logo History 101 – A Walkthrough of Lasting Impressions

by Micah Bowers

Join us on a journey through the annals of design history, and test your knowledge of famous logos along the way.

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