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Know Your User – UX Statistics and Insights (with Infographic)

by Miklos Philips

Billions are lost by businesses due to poor UX. This article outlines key UX statistics and insights that stress the importance of “knowing your user” (with infographic).

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A/B Testing UX for Component-based Frameworks

by Stewart Pressney

UI components are about modularity and reusability. A/B testing can be employed very effectively during a lean product development process to test components that make up an application’s UI.

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Zeplin Sketch Plugin – The Workflow Bridge Between Design and Engineering

by Emily Michels

Creating a dynamic, organized, and collaborative workflow between design and development teams is essential to building great digital products. This tutorial outlines how Sketch, working in tandem with Zeplin, can facilitate this collaboration seamlessly.

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Tips for a Productive Design Critique

by Alexandre Brito

Design critiques are a key part of the product design process that encourage collaboration and improve ideas. This guide will help designers conduct productive, efficient critiques for actionable feedback.

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Ditch MVPs, Adopt Minimum Viable Prototypes (MVPr)

by Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

Learn the value of minimum viable prototypes (MVPr), a quick and affordable way to create, launch, test, and improve digital products based on real-world insights.

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Following Trends: Homage vs. Design Plagiarism

by Cameron Chapman

When looking for inspiration, designers should consider what they can add to the work of others. Where can they make it better? More useful? More elegant? More efficient?

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Prominent Factors in Bad UX

by Samuel J. Horodezky

There are many types of UX projects, and while each tends to have its own unique flavor, there are common challenges. Advance planning can help less experienced teams dodge problems.

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Work Smarter with These Freelance Designer Tips

by Isaac Kadosh

Poor client management can cost designers work and damage reputations. By proactively managing project expectations and responsibilities early, designers can build great relationships with their clients.

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