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Garegin Tadevosyan

Unity AI Development: An xNode-based Graphical FSM Tutorial

by Garegin Tadevosyan
Take your Unity AI game to the next level with xNode. In this tutorial, we boost our FSM-based AI with a graphical user interface, delivering an enhanced development environment.
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Leandro Roser

Python vs. R: Syntactic Sugar Magic

by Leandro Roser
Python and R empower data scientists to solve problems using elegant syntactic sugar, simplifying coding and solution exploration. Each language brings its unique capabilities and approach to bear.
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Bharat Garg

Social Network Analysis Using Power BI and R: A Custom Visuals Guide

by Bharat Garg
Microsoft's Power BI is one of the most popular software solutions used to perform social network analysis. Here's how to create custom Power BI visuals in R for compelling and flexible results.
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Tahir Shahzad

Harness the Power of WordPress Hooks: Actions and Filters Explained

by Tahir Shahzad
WordPress developers might be tempted to customize this popular website builder directly, but that approach creates ongoing maintenance headaches. Fortunately, there's a clean way to extend functionality: via WordPress hooks, actions, and filters.
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Will Beddow

Code Writing Code: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Modern Metaprogramming

by Will Beddow
With a tour that includes Julia, Rust, and more, dive into the fascinating world of metaprogramming and get a taste for its history, common forms (such as macros), importance, and potential future.
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Laszlo Gyori

gRPC vs. REST: Getting Started With the Best API Protocol

by Laszlo Gyori
gRPC, REST’s up-and-coming competitor, approaches synchronous communication from another angle, offering protocol buffers and typed contracts. What does that mean for your project?
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Rudolf Eremyan

Efficiency at Scale: A Tale of AWS Cost Optimization

by Rudolf Eremyan
Understanding total spend is a common challenge for cloud users, especially on projects with complex pricing models. This article explores the top AWS cost optimizations that will help you scale your platform effectively.
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Arjaan Buijk

Optimize Your Environment for Development and Production: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 2

by Arjaan Buijk
Learn how to develop a Django application coupled with pydantic where the development environment matches production.
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Marcos Henrique da Silva

Creating a Secure REST API in Node.js

by Marcos Henrique da Silva
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