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Florence Dairo

How to Prevent Feature Creep with User Story Best Practices

By Florence Dairo
Designers should not rely on user stories alone to prevent feature creep. However, working with them provides the critical measurements designers need to deliver products with great user experiences.
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Mayank Sharma

Safe and Sound: How to Approach Password UX

By Mayank Sharma
For too long, the user experience of password management has been ignored, leading to serious losses for businesses and users alike. It’s time for designers to rethink every aspect of password UX.
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Sara Vilas Santiago

A Comprehensive Guide to Notification Design

By Sara Vilas Santiago
Notifications of all types are an indispensable part of digital products, but they should never harm the user experience—they should only be used to assist interactions and boost UX.
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Kayode Osinusi

Make It Count – A Guide to Measuring the User Experience

By Kayode Osinusi
As designers, we want the products we build to be satisfying and easy to use, but how can we know that’s the case? We start by measuring the user experience with evidence rather than opinions.
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Danny Rubyono

Stay Sharp: How to Boost Creativity When Work Subsides

By Danny Rubyono
Freelance design contracts aren’t guaranteed. We confront this reality head-on by showing freelancers how to boost creativity and maintain positivity, even when paying jobs dry up.
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Miklos Philips

Living His Best Life: David Nuff's Inspiring Freelance Success Story

By Miklos Philips
If we could design our best life, what would it entail? What would our freelance success story look like? Hear firsthand and get advice from someone who has designed their career and thrived.
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Anak Garcia

Design a Better Homepage With the StoryBrand Framework

By Anak Garcia
Adhering to the StoryBrand framework to create a homepage with a compelling narrative that focuses on the customer’s needs is one of the best ways to build trust with website visitors.
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Astha Agarwal

Give Them Incentive: How to Leverage a Loyalty Program Design Framework

By Astha Agarwal
In 2019, India’s largest airline went bankrupt, and its frequent flyers switched to a new platform. We examine the loyalty program design for InterMiles, a rewards platform focused on lifestyles.
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Miklos Philips

The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use

By Miklos Philips
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Stelian Subotin

Dashboard Design: Considerations and Best Practices

By Stelian Subotin
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