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Logo Animation Inspirations to Make Your Brand More Relatable

Jason is a UI/UX designer who helps improve the experience design of notable companies in a wide range of industries.

Brand animations are becoming industry standards in almost every market.

Even the super brands and multinational companies, which used to only use conservative language to express their image, are turning to animation to communicate that they’re “creative” or “forward thinking”.

So, if you want your product to appear current, you may want to consider updating the way you present your brand, identity, and logo.

If you’re launching a new product in need of branding, or looking for a refresh, checking out some great inspirations can make the process easier. To get you started, I’ve collected some of the best designs from around the web.



This animation is part of an internal HR IKEA video. The color palettes and bouncing animation are very playful and go well with the IKEA brand perspective.


ZocDoc uses its logo in a clever way. The logo travels through the whole animation, transforming into different elements in order to tell the brand story. Most infomercials can be tedious, but ZocDoc explains their product in an enjoyable way.



The Google logo evolution anticipates a new era of branding, usability, and iconography as cohesive elements. Google utilizes these animations to continue to grow their brand across all of their products.


This is an amazing minimalist animation that introduces all of the product features in only one shot. The brand transforms into secondary logos that represent each service.



The designers at FocusLabs created this great animation with a very interesting typeface. This shows another aspect of branding and how design can use different elements like textures to create fluid animations.


From the splash screen to the main screen of the app, Uber creates a great experience with their logo. This is a brilliant design, because as the user opens the product, the presence of the brand grows stronger.


When MS introduced their new logo and brand, they were able to use this animation to easily represents what the company is about and how each product relates to the other.



Trello is one of my favorite daily apps to organize my tasks. They adopted the mascot model and bring to life Taco-the-Dog. This is a fun way to animate a mascot, very delightful to use, and also easy to recognize as the Trello brand. As the preloader animation on the product, it helps the product look more alive.


I discovered this company a month ago through this 30 second animation that explains everything about the product. The logo delights me and the design enlightens the whole brand perspective. Hubble uses the 2 elements of the logo throughout the animation in a creative way.



Slack is changing the way teams operate. Their current loading animation on the Slack app creates a fun environment and reduces anxiety while the app loads.

Get Your Brand in Motion

No matter what industry you are in, your brand needs to be up to date with today’s standards. I provided a range of animation types and brand styles to get you started on creating the best brand animation for your current project.