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Toptal Webinar: How to Build and Scale a Remote Engineering Team

Companies that have been successful as small entities often think that scaling up means doing what they’ve been doing but on a larger scale. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For instance, building and scaling engineering teams is more complicated than just hiring additional people. As teams grow, everything—from an organization’s structure to its culture to its skills training—has to change.

In this new on-demand webinar, Toptal’s Vice President of R&D Bozhidar Batsov and Chief People Officer Michelle Labbe discuss building and scaling best-in-class engineering teams, taking into account the unique circumstances that many companies are operating under currently.

Though the pandemic will end at some point, the changes it has brought about in how we work are likely here to stay. More and more companies are realizing there are benefits to having remote teams, and many workers are interested in maintaining a lifestyle in which they’re more productive yet also have more free time.

The best companies know this and have created cultures intended to attract top talent and keep them happy. As Bozhidar and Michelle point out, these efforts include recognizing that trust is critical, that different people are needed at different stages of a company’s growth, and that offering the most challenging and interesting projects to your best people really will aid in retention.

Other topics they discuss include:

  • The need to make tough decisions as a company grows
  • Why people are more important than technology in any company
  • The importance of video calls in building team connectivity
  • The role of engagement in a company’s culture and why it’s key to success

What may work for a smaller organization won’t necessarily scale up, and companies need to make tough decisions as they grow and mature. Bozhidar and Michelle offer solutions on how to handle the transitions, which include looking beyond technology challenges and focusing on effective communication on a large scale.

Click here to access this webinar and learn more about how to define success in a remote engineering world.