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The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Website Design

By Yej Lee

Designing an e-commerce site is not just about building a website to sell products but designing a pleasant online shopping experience. This comprehensive guide walks us through the best practices.

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Shopify Design Tips and UX Best Practices

By Stan Prysiazhniuk

Shopify merchants have achieved more than $40 billion in sales, but with poorly executed UX design being one of the biggest contributors to abandoned checkouts, it’s clear that superior UX can boost this statistic even further.

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The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite

By Miklos Philips

UX designers often need to persuade executives on the ROI of a UX initiative. In this example scenario, the UX team presented the projected ROI of a UX redesign to make a convincing case.

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UX and the Importance of Web Accessibility

By Laura Geley

The internet is a primary source of information, entertainment, and communication. Yet, for people with disabilities, there are barriers that make it inaccessible, as many websites don’t consider their needs.

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Sharpen Your Skills: The Value of Multidisciplinary Design

By Peter Varadi

Want to become a phenomenal designer? Take a multidisciplinary design approach and study the methods of other design disciplines.

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Master Your Craft With These Top UX Tools

By Olha Bahaieva

When having the right UX tools is the crucial difference between having a highly [effective design](https://www.toptal.com/designers/ui/principles-of-design) workflow and one that’s slow and unproductive, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools.

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Mobile App Design Best Practices and Mistakes

By Cameron Chapman

Following some basic mobile app design best practices and avoiding the most common mistakes will help designers create apps that live past the crucial 90-day mark when 71% are abandoned.

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Leveraging Mental Models in UX Design

By Scott Benson

Users form mental models around how products should work through use. In order to design for maximum usability, designers need to understand and leverage users’ mental models.

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Meaningful Design and the Art of Delightful UX

By Kaushik Ghosh

Creating meaningful designs, capturing customer attention, and influencing their behavior is something that designers and marketers will agree is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

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