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Arjaan Buijk

How to Deploy Django on Heroku: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 3

By Arjaan Buijk
Heroku makes deployment—and redeployment—incredibly simple. Explore Heroku’s Django hosting in this tutorial, and see for yourself.
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Arjaan Buijk

Optimize Your Environment for Development and Production: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 2

By Arjaan Buijk
Learn how to develop a Django application coupled with pydantic where the development environment matches production.
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Arjaan Buijk

Streamline Your Django Settings With Type Hints: A Pydantic Tutorial

By Arjaan Buijk
Python and pydantic make a powerful runtime combination when validating data and settings, resulting in reduced debugging and a simplified code base.
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Guillaume Dury

A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison

By Guillaume Dury
As microservices architecture continues to evolve, interservice communication has become a significant challenge to manage. Service meshes are becoming the standard solution, but how do popular and up-and-coming service meshes compare?
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Fabrice Triboix

Terraform vs. CloudFormation: The Definitive Guide

By Fabrice Triboix
Choosing between infrastructure-as-code tools CloudFormation and Terraform can be arduous. It's helpful to have some advice from someone with practical experience scaling apps using both technologies.
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Ross Bowman

Do Your Homework: 7 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam Tips

By Ross Bowman
Cloud architects with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate qualification are in high demand, with good reason—the AWS exam sets the bar high. What's the best way to prepare for it?
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Tomislav Capan

Case Study: Why I Use AWS Cloud Infrastructure for My Products

By Tomislav Capan
As a platform for running complex and demanding software products, AWS offers flexibility by using resources only when needed and scaling on demand. In this article, Toptal JavaScript Developer Tomislav Capan explains why he uses AWS and what provisioned infrastructure can do for clients.
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Fahad Munawar Khan

Salesforce Einstein AI: An API Tutorial

By Fahad Munawar Khan
Non-Salesforce app developers may be overlooking a hidden gem in the AI world: Salesforce Einstein offers image recognition and text analysis for plain-vanilla apps and Salesforce apps alike. In this article, Toptal Freelance Salesforce Developer Fahad Munawar Khan shows how any developer can leverage Einstein Vision and Einstein Language.
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Fahad Munawar Khan

No-Fuss AI for Your App: Meet Salesforce Einstein

By Fahad Munawar Khan
The AI revolution is transforming the consumer world. Some developers may shy away from AI, which has traditionally been a heavily technical specialty. In this article, Toptal Freelance Salesforce Developer Fahad Munawar Khan explores how accessible to developers the AI cloud has become, even for non-Salesforce apps, with Salesforce Einstein.
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