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Dacian Florea

Investing in Unit Testing: Benefits and Approaches

By Dacian Florea
Stakeholders demand quick fixes for a buggy app release. Such patching is costly, and does not always offer a complete solution. Break the cycle with unit testing, a worthwhile investment in project quality.
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Lev Yas

8 Automated Testing Best Practices for a Positive Testing Experience

By Lev Yas
Testing doesn’t have to be tedious. With these automated testing best practices and tips, software engineers can leverage automated tests to boost their productivity and make their work more enjoyable.
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Jade Russel Hancox

Quality Assurance Testing Perfected: A User Flow Tutorial

By Jade Russel Hancox
As products and services deploy faster and faster, quality assurance (QA) has to adapt and deliver more coverage in less time while maintaining high quality. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Jade Russel Hancox examines how we can use the user flow to boost the speed and efficiency of QA processes without compromising on quality.
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Avi Aryan

A Complete Guide to Testing React Hooks

By Avi Aryan
A relatively recent addition to React, hooks have already changed React development for the better through improved code readability and state management. But how do we test them? In this article, Toptal React Developer Avi Aryan outlines why it is crucial to test hooks and introduces us to his React Hooks testing routine.
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Maciek Rząsa

Timestamp Truncation: A Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord Tale

By Maciek Rząsa
Tests should keep apps from being flaky. But tests themselves can become flaky—even the most straightforward ones. Here's how we dove into a problematic test on a PostgreSQL-backed Rails app, and what we uncovered.
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Nikhil Bansal

Build with Confidence: A Guide to JUnit Tests

By Nikhil Bansal
In an age of continuous delivery, Java developers have to be confident that their changes don't break existing code, hence automated testing. There's more than one valid approach to it, but how can you keep them straight?
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Simon Stratton

Supercharged Testing Tips for 2019: A Java Automation Testing Tutorial

By Simon Stratton
Test automation engineers continuously research the latest tools and techniques to ensure that their test automation framework stays fast, stable, and easy to use. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Simon Stratton will take a look at some tips that you can use to update your framework for 2019 by improving your use of Selenium Grid, Java’s wait function, and Chrome DevTools.
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Mikhail Angelov

Integration and End-to-end Tests Made Easy with Node.js and MongoDB

By Mikhail Angelov
Dealing with a real database for integration and end-to-end testing can pose some challenges. One way of working around them is to use an in-memory database that integrates well with the testing framework and provides APIs to manipulate its state from test code. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Mikhail Angelov shows how you can write integration and end-to-end tests easily for your Node.js and MongoDB application without having to write complicated setup/teardown code.
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Josip Petrić

How to Write Automated Tests for iOS

By Josip Petrić
In this tutorial, you will learn how automated testing works for the iOS platform and how to implement it in your project.
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