Toptal Brand Guidelines

The Toptal brand includes the Toptal logo, colors, typography, name, etc. Follow the guidelines on this page when creating Toptal content or using the Toptal brand for marketing purposes.

Toptal Logo

The Toptal logo consists of the blue text and graphic on a white background. Follow the guidelines below when using the logo for any purpose.


Toptal logo

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  • Toptal Logo in SVG format
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  • Toptal Emblem in SVG format
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Logo Spacing

Toptal logo spacing guides


Rules for Spacing

  • The border must follow the size of the letter "o" on all sides.
  • The border must be white space.

Logo Policy


  • Use the logo to market any Toptal material.
  • Use the logo for both print and web content.
  • Use the 300DPI version of the logo for print.
  • Use the CMYK version of the logo for print.

Not Allowed

  • Do not cut, adjust, rotate, flip, reflect, or manipulate the logo.
  • Do not change the color of the logo.
  • Do not use less than the specified border width.
  • Do not use the logo for non-Toptal material.


The Toptal color palette reflects our brand personality—Bold, Authentic, Serious and Energetic. We represent our Bold and Energetic side through our core blue and core green which are both bright and saturated. We show our Serious and Authentic side with our deep, rational gray and our professional white.

Main Colors

B200 Blue

hex #204ecf

G100 Green

hex #03cc83

N500 Dark Grey

hex #262d3d


hex #ffffff

Color Policy


  • Use these colors for all material on the site.
  • Use these colors for any Toptal flyers, ads, or other company materials.
  • Colors should be used as intended (blue headers, green buttons, etc.).

Not Allowed

  • Do not use slight variations of these colors.
  • Do not use completely different colors.
  • Do not swap color purposes (e.g., no green headers).


Our 'house' font is Proxima Nova—a font designed and optimized for both digital and print uses. Proxima Nova is available in a wide-range of weights, but we limit our usage to only a few of them.

Proxima Nova Thin



Proxima Nova Light



Proxima Nova Regular



Proxima Nova Semibold



Toptal Name

The Toptal name should always be spelled with only the first "T" capitalized. Note the examples below of correct and incorrect ways to spell Toptal

Spelling Examples


This is the correct way to spell Toptal.


The second "T" must not be capitalized.


The first "T" must be capitalized.

Naming Rules

  • Correct spelling is mandatory each time the name is used.
  • Use Proxima Nova for the name on, unless it's embedded in Helvetica Neue text.

Toptal Name Policy


  • Use the one correct spelling of the Toptal name in all places.
  • These rules apply to all text. The Toptal logo is distinct.

Not Allowed

  • Do not use the incorrect spellings of the Toptal name anywhere.
  • Do not use alternate spellings not shown above.

Questions? Ask our Design Team!

The Toptal Design Team works hard to make sure all Toptal materials look great and perform well. If you have any questions about proper usage of the Toptal brand, requests for more resources, or anything else, contact the Design Team and let them know.

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