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Ovidiu-Nicu Andrei

Control Your Climate With This Raspberry Pi Thermostat Tutorial

By Ovidiu-Nicu Andrei
Smart homes are the future, but what do you do if you have an old air conditioner or heater in your home? Replacing old devices isn’t always feasible, but you can automate them with a Raspberry Pi.
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Layo Folaranmi

Full User Authentication and Access Control: A Laravel Passport Tutorial, Pt. 1

By Layo Folaranmi
Setting up authentication and state in a stateless API context might seem somewhat problematic. But Laravel Passport gives developers a clean, straightforward way to add OAuth 2.0 to an app's API.
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Andrey Shalashov

How to Approach Modern WordPress Development (Part 2)

By Andrey Shalashov
WordPress code, especially back-end PHP code, is often a mess—even in WP core! But legacy code is no excuse. Find out how to develop WP customizations the right way, so your code is readable and maintainable.
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Elene Latsoshvili

Laravel Zero Downtime Deployment

By Elene Latsoshvili
Updating live applications used to be a tedious and somewhat risky affair, but with the emergence of modern development frameworks and tools, updates and deployment are becoming straightforward. In this article, Toptal Java Developer Elene Latsoshvili explains how you can update a Laravel app with zero downtime, and how this can be done for most PHP applications.
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Scott Fennell

My Five Worst WordPress Development Mistakes

By Scott Fennell
Join an expert in a look back in horror at his most embarrassing mistakes in his early days as a WordPress developer. He discusses general PHP bugs, WordPress-specific bugs, and also mistakes made at a managerial level while supervising other developers.
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Agustin Villalba

Introduction to Objects and References in PHP Memory

By Agustin Villalba
In this article, I will talk about how object and variable references are controlled in memory, since this is an issue that can generate discussion and differing opinions. One question to ponder is: "By default, are objects passed by reference or by copy in PHP?" I'm going to talk first about what references aren't in PHP; second, I'll discuss what they are, and finally, I will examine how the garbage collector works in PHP.
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Brad Peabody

Server-side I/O Performance: Node vs. PHP vs. Java vs. Go

By Brad Peabody
Understanding the Input/Output (I/O) model of your application can mean the difference between an application that deals with the load it is subjected to, and one that crumples in the face of real-world uses cases. Perhaps while your application is small and does not serve high loads, it may matter far less. But as your application’s traffic load increases, working with the wrong I/O model can get you into a world of hurt.
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Andrew Belousoff

PhalconPHP: A Solution for High-load RESTful APIs

By Andrew Belousoff
PhalconPHP will make your high-load application fast and easy, it's one of the fastest MVC frameworks for PHP available. It's written in C and supplied as a compiled PHP extension, so it doesn’t need to be interpreted at every request. Consider PhalconPHP for your next project, you won't regret it.
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Gabriel Queiroz Silva

Magento 2 Tutorial: How to Build a Complete Module

By Gabriel Queiroz Silva
Magento built a reputation as an e-commerce market leader, all thanks to its ease of use and customizability. Getting into the framework was only made easier with the release of Magento 2. In this post, Toptal Software Engineer Gabriel Queiroz Silva gives us a step-by-step tutorial to building your first Magento 2 website.
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