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Distributed Teams
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Building Trust, Quality, and Integrity on the Internet, at Scale

Learn how Toptal, one of the world’s largest fully remote companies, instills critical cultural elements to scale trust with its distributed team and customers.

For any company to succeed, it must engender trust. Customers, suppliers, partners and employees must all feel confident the company will consistently act responsibly on their behalf.

Most companies foster such trust through in-person interactions, but how might they achieve similar - perhaps superior - outcomes in a virtual environment?

In a word: culture. As illustrated in a recent talk delivered at MIT by Taso Du Val, the CEO of Toptal, company culture instills the foundational behaviors that enable an organization to scale trust.

Here, Taso shares the critical cultural elements that guide his fully distributed workforce, a fast-growing team of over 500 employees. Covering both philosophical principles and technology-enabled processes, he provides invaluable learnings from building one of the world’s largest fully remote companies.