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Technology has opened doors for many people around the world, but the opportunity hasn’t been equal for everyone. Many Toptalers know what this is like — plenty are self-taught and have created their own opportunities. Now, Toptal engineers and designers from around the world are uniting with General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund to create one of the largest global initiatives in history to help individuals from minority and low income backgrounds springboard their careers as professional software engineers.
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Tackling unequal opportunity in tech
The Gap

The tech industry is about as diverse asPrinceton University in the 1970s.Even with the spread of excellent free educational resources, children from lower socioeconomic communities simply do not have the same access to high-level guidance and mentorship as wealthy children in Silicon Valley. We believe opportunities in tech should be equal for everyone, and we’re stepping up to help close the gap.

The Commitment

Toptal is donating$100,000to fund fellowships to the General Assembly Opportunity Fund, a program for hands-on engineering training for underserved groups. In addition, Toptalers across the globe are donating$1,000,000worth of mentorship time dedicated to providing ongoing support to GA graduates over the next 2 years.

The Plan

The Toptal community is uniting its global network of mentors and technology experts from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to volunteer their time mentoring and pair programming to help graduates of the General Assembly Opportunity Fundhone their skills for a competitive career in the tech sector.

What it means to be a mentor
You’ll be helping a new developer with everything from coding tips and tricks to advice on making it in the industry.
Weekly 1 hour sessions
You’re committing to mentoring for 1 hour per week over the course of a year. You’ll work with two mentees, each for 6 months at a time.
What you bring
Extensive experience in Ruby, JavaScript, and/or jQuery, plus extensive knowledge of how to succeed as a professional in the tech industry.
Ongoing support
Our community will be there with you along the way to share advice, support, and stories. Plus, milestone celebrations around the globe, a dedicated mentor Slack chat, and much more.

Unequal access to technology and education is a large problem that needs to be fixed. At Toptal, we pride ourselves on a culture of mentorship, collaboration, and continuous improvement. It’s critical that we make every effort to commit this spirit and our resources to addressing this problem in our industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re in San Francisco or São Paulo, you can help make this a reality.

Taso Du Val, CEO @ Toptal
Benefits of being a Mentor
Recognition as a Global Mentor

Toptalers that become a Mentor will be celebrated in the network and recognized on their public profiles, and some will be featured in the press and media to showcase their expertise and dedication to education in technology. All Global Mentors will be invited to milestone celebrations around the world, a dedicated community of mentors, and more.

Increased Hireability

By becoming a Global Mentor, you’ll not only help create new opportunities and increase diversity in technology, you’ll also stand out to clients who will appreciate your experience and expertise as a mentor. Recent LinkedIn researchshows that 41% of hiring managers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work when evaluating candidates. This kind of experience is the difference maker in an incredible 1 in 5 hires.

Making a Difference

By mentoring graduates of the Opportunity Fund preparing to enter the industry as junior developers, you’ll be able to have a maximum impact on their successes in the industry. As a Global Mentor, you will be able to change lives for the better and take a leading role in promoting diversity in technology.

Testimonials from Global Mentors
Having grown up in an immigrant minority family, I am myself a product of the opportunities extended to me by the generous teachers and givers of my life -- mentors who have empowered me to achieve and succeed in spite of disadvantages. In gratitude of those who helped me in my life, I am thrilled, and honored to give back to the minority community.
Software Consultant
In my immediate family, there are two female technologists, and I have witnessed firsthand the struggles they face as a minority in the industry. I have also seen however, the tremendous difference mentorships can make. I am honored to be part of something that allows me to pay that forward.
Software Developer
Helping people as they join the IT world is a way that I can give back after all the help I got when I started. Especially when it gives under represented groups a better chance of success.
Senior Android Developer
It is inspiring to see the diverse network of developers that Toptal has nurtured over the past few years, and I look forward to playing a small part in helping the next generation of developers from all walks of life succeed in the exciting world of programming and technology.
Software Developer
I remember when I started learning to program, the thing I wanted most was someone with the background and experience to guide me in my first steps! Sadly, at that time things like pair-programming and mentorship weren't commonly done. Now it's my turn to offer guidance and help others!
Software Craftsman
I have always been immensely grateful for the people and mentors who I've met along my career. That's why I feel giving back is not only something we should do, but an obligation to all of us.
Software Engineer
I have switched careers midway from the creative to the software development industry thanks to some mentors who helped go all the way and it's been the best choice in my life. I want to give other people the same chance I had and assist them to hit the ground running after their education.
Software Engineer, Project Manager
Educating people is the most selfish way to give something, without losing anything. Being a selfish person, that is trying to make the world a better place, I'm honored to take part in this project and share my bits of knowledge. Or as an old saying goes - "Teach a man how to catch a fish, and you will have someone to prepare a grilled fish for you".
Software Engineer, Project Manager
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About Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive network of the most talented freelance software engineers and designers in the world. By becoming a Global Mentor, you’ll be helping individuals from minority and low income backgrounds springboard their technology careers alongside the expert Toptal developers and designers in our network. Check out some of their profiles below.