Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe
Starting in September 2016, a group of Toptalers are embarking on a 2-month road trip in Eastern Europe. Our goals? To visit existing Toptal hubs, build new communities, support the development of tech talent in the region, and more.
Itinerary & Events
The dates and locations of upcoming Toptal Road Trip events.
Belgrade Zagreb Bratislava Krakow Poznan Warsaw Gdynia Gdansk Berlin Prague Budapest Osijek Sarajevo Split

Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe News

Stay up-to-date with the latest Toptal Road Trip photos, videos, articles, and announcements.
Nov 2
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Pykonik Open Space #3
“We stopped by Pykonik Open Space #3 while we were in Krakow, one of the largest meetups for Python enthusiasts in Krakow. Toptal gave a presentation and then lead a round table on digital nomadism.”
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Oct 28
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Coworking Day in Krakow
“Toptalers from Krakow came out for a day of coworking and coffee at Milk Coworking.”
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Oct 25
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Hive61 #34 on Marketing & Kids
“It was great to present at Hive61, a series of meetups for Poznan’s Startup and Business Community.”
Oct 19
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Warsaw
“We had a wonderful day coworking at Labour Cafe in Warsaw.”
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Oct 19
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Emancipation in the Remote Digital World
“We’re proud partnered with Campus Warsaw to organize a great event: “Emancipation in the Remote Digital World”. This event was led by and about women in the software industry. The main focus of the meetup was around women pioneering the emerging digital nomad lifestyle.”
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Oct 17
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: meet.js Gdansk #13
“Asia Lindsay, the Europe Community Lead spoke about remote work at meet.js Gdańsk, a JavaScript meetup, organized for programmers who are interested in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Their events have been running for five years now in major business hubs in Poland.”
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Oct 17
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Gdynia
“We’re proud to be partnering with Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia to organize the Toptal Coworking Day in Gdynia.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: WordPress Meetup Berlin and Drinks
“Toptal sponsored drinks after the Berlin WordPress Meetup as part of our mission to support tech communities around Europe.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Berlin
“We had a lovely (and productive) day coworking at Ahoy! in Berlin.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Berlin Community Gathering
“We had a wonderful night playing shuffleboard with the Berlin community.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: WebExpo 2016
“WebExpo is a two-day conference which offers talks from more than 70 local and international speakers on many exciting topics. The conference is a great place to collaborate with some of the leading professionals from the industry and share knowledge.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Yoga in Prague
“As we make our way through Eastern Europe for the second-ever Toptal Road Trip, we hope to celebrate the remote lifestyle with existing Toptal hubs and tech communities in the region. Two key parts of any good remote lifestyle are exercise and healthy living. This is a brand new kind of event for us lead by Toptal recruiter Iva Touzimska.”
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Oct 3
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Prague at K10
“We had a fantastic day coworking at K10, a mansion that has been reinvented as a coworking space. The day was followed by a tech talk: How Freelancing and Remote Work is Changing the World from Asia Lindsay, Europe Community Lead at Toptal.”
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Sep 21
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Prague at InVision LABS
“We had a wonderful day working at InVision LABS in Prague- thank you for hosting us!”
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Sep 20
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Budapest
“We had a wonderful day coworking at Mosaik for the Toptal Coworking Day in Budapest.”
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Sep 20
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Run in Sarajevo
“Two key parts of any good remote lifestyle are exercise and healthy living. That’s why we’re organizing the first Toptal Run in Sarajevo on Sunday, September 11th. ”
Big thumb sarajevo run
Sep 20
Eastern Europe Road Trip: How Freelancing and Remote Work is Changing the World
“We’re proud to have partnered with Mosaik, Hanno, Terminal 3 and Sprinters to organize “How Freelancing and Remote Work is Changing the World”. ”
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Sep 11
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Sarajevo Community Gathering
“We organized a community gathering at Avlija for the entire Sarajevo community on September 9th.”
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Sep 11
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Sarajevo Ruby Meetup
“On September 8th, we were proud partner with Sarma: Sarajevo Ruby Meetup. Toptalers Radan Skorić and Asia Lindsay were speakers.”
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Sep 11
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Toptal Coworking Day in Split
“We’re proud to be partnering with Amosfera Coworking to organize the Toptal Coworking Day in Split.”
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Sep 11
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: WordCamp Split
“WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Anyone from casual users to core developers can participate, share ideas, and get to know each other at these events.”
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Aug 26
Toptal Road Trip Eastern Europe: Split Community Gathering
“We’re organizing a community gathering at Jazzbina for the entire Split community on September 6th. Use the opportunity to find out more about our Toptal Road Trip in Eastern Europe and how you can join in! Anyone is welcome, and this is a great opportunity to connect with other Toptalers, meet some core team members who are in town for the Toptal Road Trip, and learn more about Toptal.”
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Join The Road Trip

Check out the Toptalers who have joined the trip below. If you’re in the area and would like to join us, just get in touch! All Toptalers are welcome, and we’d love to have you.
Damir is a full-stack web developer who has been writing web applications for fourteen years. He also works as a developer with Toptal's Core Team.
Damir Zekic
Roman began working with Toptal in 2011. Since then has spent much of his time traveling the world to grow the Toptal community. He is currently the Croatian Community Leader.
Roman Urbanovski
Ramiro is a software developer from Argentina with over ten years of experience. He specializes in C#.NET and SQL but now spends his time working with Toptal's Core Team.
Ramiro Palacios
Ines travels the world looking for the top 3% of freelance talent, whom she makes feel at home while working with Toptal.
Ines Avdic-Zekic
Asia linkedin photo copy
Asia recently joined Toptal after finishing code school in New York and studying linguistics in the UK. At Toptal she's the Europe Community Lead.
Asia Lindsay
Michael houghton thumb
Michael joined Toptal as a PHP Developer in 2014, and is now a Recruiter on the core team. Originally from New Zealand, Michael now lives in Ireland, and is the Irish Community Leader.
Michael Houghton
Luboš is a designer who has been making designs for eight years. He also works as a lead designer at Toptal's Core Team.
Luboš Volkov
Dmitry is a Russian speaking guy-to-go at Toptal from 2012. He is leading St. Petersburg local community, writing .NET code as a freelance developer and working at Toptal Core team finding new candidates to join.
Dmitry Pavlov
Matt is a new member of the core team at Toptal, coming from both being a client of Toptal's and a developer in the network. His background is in working with and operating agencies, familiar with all aspects ranging from bringing on new clients down to managing projects and writing code!
Matt Dunbar
Mario has been a Director of Engineering at Toptal for the last three years. In his free time (as if there is any) he is a .NET / AngularJS developer, as well as a bad drummer and basketball player.
Mario Mucalo
Dženana is a rookie designer, travel and food enthusiast looking for talented people to join and enjoy the best working experience with Toptal.
Dženana Preljević
Anna has been a happy Toptaler for 3 years now, and currently she's heading up one of the screening teams. During her travels she enjoys exploring the region's coffee and food specialties.
Anna Nyuli
Paul henn
Paul has been leading the Inbound Sales Team Lead for almost a year now! He works with Toptal's high-intensity team of Sales Engineers to introduce large volumes of inbound prospective clients to Toptal every single day.
Paul Henn
Alexei is a full stack developer. He joined Toptal in 2013 and has 11+ years experience in web development.
Alexei Rytov
Sanja joined Toptal in 2015 as a member of the Community Team. She enjoys working with the Toptal Community in making things happen.
Sanja Reiter
Caroline became a member of the Growth Team earlier this year and is pumped to join her first Toptal Roadtrip!
Caroline Boes
Alex g
Alex has been a Toptal designer for almost a year now. Recently he's been working with the growth team to redesign the current Toptal website. He also has his own company FabricEleven.
Alex Gurevich
Dsc 0402 2
Iva is a recruiter for Toptal. She is a Czech citizen however she spent 8 years living, studying and working in Germany, UK, USA and Australia.
Iva Touzimska
Large profile
Tomislav is a geospatial software engineer with a passion for maps and visualizations. At Toptal, Tomislav is part of the Toptal Technical Screeners team and the Toptal Technical Editors team.
Tomislav Bacinger
12108825 10207184193896950 6055534563601643751 n  1
Predrag Gajic is a Toptal community leader in several regions of Europe. He's been at Toptal since 2015. He has almost 15 years of experience people operations, growth and project management.
Predrag Gajic
Ivan joined Toptal recently as a PHP/Python developer. Now, he's enjoying the freedom that Toptal gives you by traveling and focusing in new amazing projects and technologies.
Ivan Radigales Creus
Img 20160705 121531  1
Will is a recruiter at Toptal. He believes Toptal is shaping the future of work and focuses on growing our engineering team to build the platform.
Will Ducey
Stephanie smith   copy   copy
Stephanie joined Toptal’s growth team recently as the Growth Lead for the Design vertical. She’s an avid traveler and excited about embracing remote work with Toptal.
Stephanie Smith
Nahuel is comfortable under a spotlight and always goes the extra mile to deliver. He brings over three years of Android Dev experience to the table, and prior to his love affair with all-things-android, he worked as a SysAdmin for IBM
Nahuel Miranda
Screen shot 2016 10 19 at 12.48.39 pm
I've been working at Toptal for almost a year as a front end developer. In my spare time I travel and I like to try new activities like scuba diving, capoeira, drums and woodwork.
Mateusz Suchon
Luka is getting things done; whenever, wherever, whatever.
Luka Horvat
Enthusiastic iOS mobile developer with 4 years of experience and teaching assistant for iOS at University of Belgrade.
Jelena Ristic
I've been working for almost a year as frontend engineer. It's been awesome to join Toptalers on the road trip!
Milos Mosovsky
Zdenek is a front-end developer who has been creating webs for more than 10 years. He also works as a developer with Toptal's Core Team.
Zdenek Kostal
Octavia has been with Toptal for over 2 years and helps with the technical screening team. She is currently based in Mallorca but enjoys travelling and horse riding across the world.
Octavia Campbell-Davys
Ratko likes to help clients build websites that will excite people. His philosophy is that it doesn't matter what medium is used, the idea and message are always crucial.
Ratko Solaja
Screen shot 2016 11 04 at 1.20.48 pm
Paul Perry is a Business Consulting Editor for Toptal supporting the launch of the Finance Vertical by developing hiring guides, the blog, and general content.
Paul Perry
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