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10 Videos All Designers Should Watch

From the great industrial designer Dieter Rams explaining his principle of design to Adam Grant discussing the habits of original thinkers, we’ve curated a list of our favorite design videos.

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No big plans for the weekend? Did you have cancel on a friend only to find yourself stuck on a project without that one great idea? Why not have a date with some of the greatest designers out there?

Thanks to modern technology, we have access to an infinite library of accumulated knowledge from some of the greatest designers in history. So instead of binge-watching that popular new Netflix series and hoping for that eureka moment, why not enhance your design practice by taking in some insightful and informative videos, featuring legendary and inspiring designers? You’ll come away with some handy tips, refreshing insights, and maybe even a new perspective.

From the Great Industrial Designer Dieter Rams, explaining his principle of design, to Adam Grant, discussing the habits of original thinkers, we’ve curated the best of the best videos for designers. So sit back, and get cozy with some of our favorite design videos.

How to Build Your Creative Confidence | David Kelley

What makes otherwise creative people not consider themselves creative thinkers? David Kelley looks at the fear of judgment in those who hesitate to call themselves creative. Through a step-by-step process, they can achieve creative confidence, and open themselves up to new ideas.

Tim Brown Urges Designers to Think Big

By looking at the history of design over time, Tim Brown critiques the profession as having gone from “systems-thinkers, who were reinventing the world, to a priesthood of folks in black turtlenecks and designer glasses, working on little things.” Brown asks viewers to wonder what the big questions are that we need to solve today. In times of change, big design thinking can be the conduit for radical, innovative ideas.

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers | Adam Grant

Ever wonder how creative people come up with great ideas? What makes an original thinker? Organizational Psychologist Adam Grant takes a look at the phenomena of “originals” to figure out what makes them tick and how we can try to be a bit more original ourselves.

The Three Ways That Good Design Makes you Happy | Don Norman

What is it about design that delights? What makes design beautiful? Fun? Do pleasant things work better? By exploring the way design goes beyond utility and problem-solving to provoke our emotions, Don Norman tries to discover the ways in which design can make us happy.

The First Secret of Great Design | Tony Fadell

Our brains are primed to a process of habituation, in which we begin to pay less attention to things that are commonplace in order to free up mental bandwidth for noticing and learning new things. As designers and innovators, it is our job to notice the commonplace things to which we have become accustomed and wonder if there is a better solution.

Design to Challenge Reality | Kelli Anderson

The everyday things we’re used to can be taken for granted—disappearing into indifference and neglect. Sometimes we miss the many possibilities hidden behind the ordinary. By challenging our expectations and the established order of things, designers can create moments of discovery, and push our users to see everyday things as new again.

Performance with Musical Gloves | Imogen Heap

Musical Composer, Performer, and Innovator Imogen Heap demonstrates the inspiration behind and development of her magical, musical gloves. As designers and technologists, thinking about the future is second-nature. How can we rethink the parameters of design vis-à-vis art, music, and performance? What can we leverage in natural human behaviors and gestures to help us design more intuitive, and ultimately, more interfaces? This is an immensely inspiring and enjoyable video to stir your creativity.

If You do it Right, it and You Will Live Forever | George Lois

“Creativity can solve almost any problem,” George Lois, legendary designer and art director, says. Lois draws from his storied experience to remind us that great design is not about simply arranging pleasing images and aesthetics, but can make waves far into the future. “With talent, courage, and conviction, you can change the world… There is no such thing as a cautious creative.”

Bonus: The Power of Time Off | Stefan Sagmeister

Every seven years, legendary Designer Stefan Sagmeister gives in to the “seven-year itch,” closes his New York design practice, and experiments. The standard model of working leaves little time to recharge, and an unrelenting schedule can tax the creative brain. By taking time off, designers can refresh their creativity, absorb new influences, and improve their practice. Discover what you can achieve by actually doing nothing.

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