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Brand Design

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Sharpen Your Skills: The Value of Multidisciplinary Design

by Peter Varadi

Want to become a phenomenal designer? Take a multidisciplinary design approach and study the methods of other design disciplines.

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Design News – Innovation from Around the Globe - May '18

by Miklos Philips

Every month, we bring you riveting design news and inspiring content focused on design innovation. Here are five hand-picked pieces of design news.

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Emotional Branding for Sustainable Product Design

by Danielle Thompson

Great emotional design creates a bond between the consumer and the brand—creating an emotional connection to your target market translates into conversions and sales as well as online and offline interactions.

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Presentation Design and the Art of Visual Storytelling

by Micah Bowers

Discover a practical approach to designing results-oriented presentations and learn the importance of crafting a compelling narrative.

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eCommerce UX – Essential Design Strategies and Principles

by Stan Prysiazhniuk

eCommerce sales are expected to more than double by 2021. eCommerce retailers and designers who pay close attention to user experience and follow eCommerce UX design principles can capitalize on this growth.

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Why Consider a Website Redesign – Tips and Recommendations

by Daniel Schwarz

Redesigning a website is about more than making cosmetic changes; it's about identifying the real issues that the business is facing and solving them with design.

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Collaborative Design – A Guide to Successful Enterprise Product Design

by Andi Omtvedt

For designers, working in enterprise is a challenge because of all the different stakeholders and moving parts. This guide reviews the collaborative design process for working better in that environment.

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From Concept to Reality – A Guide to Logo Development

by Tidjane Tall

Whether we need a logo for an app, a startup, or brand positioning, following trends is not enough. A carefully considered design process is needed to design an impactful logo and brand.

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