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Cosmin Costean

There’s No Such Thing As Digital Strategy

by Cosmin Costean
Organizations that scramble to define a digital-first strategy to solve their business problems are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Instead of emphasizing “digital,” they should focus on building a true strategy and then enable it with digital capabilities.
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Jerry Gutierrez

Embracing an “Aha!” Moment: Building Trust to Effect Change

by Jerry Gutierrez
What happens when you have a big idea but not the authority to make it happen? Earning trust is the key to influencing without authority.
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World-class articles, delivered weekly.

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Rohan Lulla

The Platform Mindset in API Product Management

by Rohan Lulla
A successful API strategy isn’t about building products; it’s about building potential. Good API product managers recognize this and prioritize the factors that smooth adoption for potential partners.
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Costas Voliotis

Source Code QA: It’s Not Just for Developers Anymore

by Costas Voliotis
For product managers concerned about building a solid foundation for product development and eliminating risks, defining and implementing a systematic software QA process is essential.
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Chris Sykes

Product Backlog Prioritization With Multiple Key Stakeholders: A Case Study

by Chris Sykes
Managing conflicting requests from product stakeholders can be time-consuming. Learn how to prioritize product backlog items with multiple stakeholders through a dedicated workshop.
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Alex Cox

Every Product Has a Thesis

by Alex Cox
Every successful product has a central thesis—a reason for existence. Let’s analyze the foundations of the iPhone, Alexa, and other widespread products to highlight their core theses.
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Omer Shechter

The Product Backlog: A Step-by-step Guide

by Omer Shechter
Product backlog management is the most impactful work area for any product manager. Learn how to create a healthy backlog and apply a data-driven approach to prioritization.
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Kleanthis Georgaris

Inside Toptal’s Product Team

by Kleanthis Georgaris
Toptal’s SVP of Product shares the internal workings of a world-class remote product team and what it takes to work at the greatest talent company in the world.
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