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Andy Deighton

Agile Transformations: Why Leaders Resist and How to Bring Them on Board

By Andy Deighton
Agile transformations require significant organizational change, which can be unsettling for the C-suite. These tips can help Agile coaches address leaders’ uncertainty and create sustainable agility.
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Greig O'Brien

Hybrid Project Management: A Middle Ground Between Agile and Waterfall

By Greig O'Brien
Agile project management strives for adaptability, while Waterfall strives for predictability. A hybrid approach that marries the two can be challenging to implement but beneficial for some projects.
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Tony Amos

Scrum Master vs. Agile Coach: Why Successful Transformations Need Both

By Tony Amos
During an Agile transformation, leaders often assume that the Agile coach role can be undertaken by a Scrum master. While they share similar traits, these roles have scopes that differ greatly.
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Adina Zoltan

What Is a Technical Project Manager?

By Adina Zoltan
Surging demand for Technical Project Managers has raised some important questions for PMs in software development. What are the responsibilities and expectations associated with this role? And just how technical is “technical”?
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Alvaro Villena

How to Facilitate Change Through Agile Servant-leadership

By Alvaro Villena
The philosophy of servant-leadership gives project managers a superpower to influence teams without direct authority, which allows them to drive change across the organization more effectively.
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Adi Behlulovic

Project Management Cheat Sheet

By Adi Behlulovic
There is no perfect framework that can be applied universally. Project managers should tailor processes to work best with their teams and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their career.
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Alan David Walker

Making Change Stick: How to Get Change Management Right

By Alan David Walker
Change management is critical to project success. Studies report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop if they are not managed well. Learn how to get change management right.
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Maxim Sterjanov

An Introduction to Workarea Commerce Platform

By Maxim Sterjanov
The global eCommerce market has grown from $2.8 trillion to $3.5 trillion over the last year, and the projected growth remains at a staggering 18% per year. Workarea is positioning itself as a highly flexible and customizable offering for enterprise clients to satisfy the growing demand.
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