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Personalized UX and the Power of Design and Emotion

by Chris Constandse

Personalization is all about communicating a message aimed directly at the individual user. Emotional design focuses on the overall emotional impact of design choices, including those that involve personalization. Combining the personal and the emotional is where the real magic happens.

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Partners in Design – A Guide to Client Empathy

by Jay Oldaker

Being empathetic is not a selective practice. Designers know how to use empathy to uncover the behaviors and needs of a user. Those same methods and techniques can be used in client relationships.

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Influence with Design – A Guide to Color and Emotions

by Cameron Chapman

The right color palette encourages people to behave in ways designers want them to, while the wrong palette can turn visitors away before they take any action at all.

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Design Talks: Emotionally Intelligent Design with Pamela Pavliscak

by Jordan DeVos

In the first of our Toptal Design Talks series, futurist Pamela Pavliscak discusses how emotions are deeply integrated into digital experiences and designers are positioned to facilitate genuine relationships through technology.

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Cause and Effect – Exploring Color Psychology

by Cameron Chapman

The use of color in design can affect the emotions and moods of the people. Using colors wisely can improve UX and induce desired behaviors in significant ways.

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A Practical Approach to Gamification Design

by Stian Sandsgaard

Successful products and experiences offer more than pure functionality. They are designed to engage human emotions and motivate users to forge ongoing interactions that are both meaningful and memorable.

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Persuasive Design: Using Advanced Psychology Effectively

by Bronwen Rees

Persuasive design isn’t evil. It’s a tool, and like any tool, it can be misused. However, with the right research and thoughtful application, it can be a valuable addition to any designer’s toolkit.

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