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Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng

Digging Deeper: A Practical Guide to Creative Empathy for Product Design

By Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng
Master creative empathy techniques to help you understand what other people want and need, then apply these skills throughout the design process to create products that resonate with people.
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Nataliia Pylypchuk

Understanding Cognitive Bias in Product Design, the Good and Bad (With Infographic)

By Nataliia Pylypchuk
Knowing the psychology of how and why we make certain decisions can help in creating more user-centric sites and apps.
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Micah Bowers

The Ultimate Experience: A Guide to the Principles of Sensory Design

By Micah Bowers
Digital design routinely ignores neurological factors beyond sight. Sensory design principles emphasize the interconnection of human perception and prompt designers to explore non-visual solutions.
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Zbignev Gecis

Innovate with Purpose: An Overview of the Jobs to Be Done Framework

By Zbignev Gecis
Companies succeed because they offer products that people find irresistible, but what compels customers to buy? The Jobs to Be Done framework identifies the unmet desires that motivate all purchases.
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Tetiana Donska

The Mind's Eye: A Look at Data Visualization Psychology

By Tetiana Donska
Data visualization is an excellent way to tell a story about data. But are there best practices? When designing with data, there is much to be gained from exploring data visualization psychology.
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Rian Dutra

Aesthetics and Perception – How to Approach User Experience Imagery

By Rian Dutra
Once designers better understand how people’s minds work with imagery, they are able to create better products that really make sense in a person’s life, while positively affecting the business itself.
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Chris Constandse

Personalized UX and the Power of Design and Emotion

By Chris Constandse
Personalization is all about communicating a message aimed directly at the individual user. Emotional design focuses on the overall emotional impact of design choices, including those that involve personalization. Combining the personal and the emotional is where the real magic happens.
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Jay Oldaker

Partners in Design – A Guide to Client Empathy

By Jay Oldaker
Being empathetic is not a selective practice. Designers know how to use empathy to uncover the behaviors and needs of a user. Those same methods and techniques can be used in client relationships.
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Cameron Chapman

Influence with Design – A Guide to Color and Emotions

By Cameron Chapman
The right color palette encourages people to behave in ways designers want them to, while the wrong palette can turn visitors away before they take any action at all.
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