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Molham Bakir

The Benefits of a Design System: Making Better Products, Faster

By Molham Bakir
Design systems increase collaboration, ensure consistency, and accelerate design and development cycles. Toptal product designer Molham Bakir lays out how—and shares insights and tips from his experience building them.
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Emily Adiseshiah

Elevate Your E-commerce Journey With Animated UX Microinteractions

By Emily Adiseshiah
Toptal experts share their insights and best practices for designing motion effects that enhance e-commerce UX and increase conversions.
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Andris Suipe

Multilevel Menu Design Best Practices

By Andris Suipe
Navigation can be a UX minefield. Apply these guidelines to design intuitive multilevel menus that increase findability and offer a consistent experience across devices.
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Alexandre Brito

Leveraging Fitts’ Law: User Interface Design Principles for E-commerce

By Alexandre Brito
Apply this midcentury mathematical law to e-commerce UI design and convert visitors into customers.
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Pili Fernandez Davila

Keep It Tasteful: A Guide to Food App Design

By Pili Fernandez Davila
The pandemic has intensified the demand for online food ordering, and businesses are rushing to meet the need. With food apps increasing in popularity, providing an exceptional user experience is critical.
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Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Millennial Branding for a Boomer Product: A Branding Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Millennials are tough customers, especially for products they associate with their parents’ lifestyles. This branding case study shows how an old-school item can appeal to young adults in an authentic way.
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Micah Bowers

Paving the Path to Purchase: E-commerce UX Best Practices

By Micah Bowers
Mobile e-commerce may be the future, but desktop sites are digital gold mines. To engage shoppers, boost product value, and unlock more revenue, designers must master these e-commerce UX best practices.
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Micah Bowers

Machine Language – A Guide to Chatbot Terminology (with Infographic)

By Micah Bowers
Chatbots have unique abilities that humans don’t. When we regard them as tools, they provide business opportunities humans can’t. Unfortunately, when it comes to chatbot terminology, confusion reigns.
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Cameron Chapman

Built To Convert – Landing Page Design Best Practices

By Cameron Chapman
Designers can create landing pages that convert better by following landing page design best practices such as keeping them simple, focusing on the CTA, keeping forms short, and other guidelines.
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