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Who Knew Adobe CC Could Wireframe?

by Ivana Miličić

Wireframing is a major step in designing any user interface, whether a website, application, or software product. Apps in the Adobe CC suite can be used to create wireframes for an efficient workflow.

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A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Animated Product Explainer Videos

by Matt Barringer

In this tutorial, we will give a simple breakdown of the steps that you need to create an animated explainer video like the slick masterpieces built by Slack.

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The 11 Photoshop Plugins That Made Me a Better Designer

by Michael Abehsera

Despite Photoshop's unparalleled feature set, everyone has a few extra things that they wish the product could do. Fortunately, there is a rich community of third-party developers who are regularly pumping out fantastic plugins and extensions to make you a better designer.

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Sketch vs. Photoshop: Is It Time To Switch From Photoshop To Sketch?

by Alex Gurevich

Sketch promises a faster workflow and greater ease-of-use than Photoshop. Let's examine the dilemma between choosing which one to use by looking at the advantages from different perspectives.

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