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Danny Rubyono

7 Expert Tips for Creating a Convincing Promo Video

By Danny Rubyono
Drawing on more than 25 years of design and motion graphics experience, Toptal designer Danny Rubyono explains how he makes enticing promo videos that compel viewers to action.
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Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Millennial Branding for a Boomer Product: A Branding Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Millennials are tough customers, especially for products they associate with their parents’ lifestyles. This branding case study shows how an old-school item can appeal to young adults in an authentic way.
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Micah Bowers

The Widening Impact of the Motion Design Industry

By Micah Bowers
What does the motion design industry encompass, how does motion design impact business, and what problems are motion designers uniquely equipped to solve?
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Majo Puterka

Another Dimension, New Mastery: An Isometric Illustration Tutorial

By Majo Puterka
How can inexperienced illustrators build their skills (and hopefully land more clients)? Look no further than this refreshingly fun isometric illustration tutorial.
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Cameron Chapman

Why Use Material Design? Weighing the Pros and Cons

By Cameron Chapman
Google’s Material Design guidelines have become the signature look of their websites and apps. Still, there are plenty of use cases outside of Google’s platforms where Material Design is also a solid choice.
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Micah Bowers

The Designer's Edge – An Overview of Photoshop Plugins

By Micah Bowers
Photoshop plugins increase functionality and efficiency. But there’s a problem. With so many options, it’s hard to know which are worthwhile. So, we’ve curated the finest Photoshop plugins available.
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Cameron Chapman

Tips and Considerations When Choosing a Typeface (with Infographic)

By Cameron Chapman
The right typeface can make a design, while the wrong one can definitely break it. There are a few things designers can keep in mind to make typeface selection easier and more focused.
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Cameron Chapman

Toptal Design Blog Color of the Year 2020

By Cameron Chapman
The Toptal Design Blog’s Color of the Year 2020 aims to bring hope and positivity to the coming year, while also helping designers (and those they design for) connect with nature and stay grounded.
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Bree Chapin

Stay Cool: How to Take Design Feedback Strategically

By Bree Chapin
Giving and receiving feedback—without losing one's cool—is an art. It's incumbent on designers to encourage others to give them quality design critiques on their work that cultivates constructive discussion.
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