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Toptal Design Blog Color of the Year 2020

by Cameron Chapman

The Toptal Design Blog’s Color of the Year 2020 aims to bring hope and positivity to the coming year, while also helping designers (and those they design for) connect with nature and stay grounded.

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Stay Cool: How to Take Design Feedback Strategically

by Bree Chapin

Giving and receiving feedback—without losing one's cool—is an art. It's incumbent on designers to encourage others to give them quality design critiques on their work that cultivates constructive discussion.

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Breaking Down the Principles of Design (with Infographic)

by Cameron Chapman

Understanding the principles of design and how they interact is vital for both new and expert designers. Implementing them purposefully is key to creating visually appealing, functional designs.

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Level Up – A Guide to Game UI (with Infographic)

by Micah Bowers

Like websites or mobile apps, video games have common UI components that help players navigate and accomplish goals. Discover the four classes of game UI in this level-warping infographic.

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Top Data Visualization Examples and Dashboard Designs

by Shane Ketterman

Data visualization and dashboard design is both an art and a science. The correct use of dashboard UX and graphical excellence principles turn ordinary graphics into extraordinary experiences.

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What Is Strategic Design Thinking and How Can It Empower Designers?

by Kent Mundle

Designers are not mere pixel pushers. If they improved communication and employed their skills more effectively through strategic design thinking, they could make a bigger impact with their work.

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Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

by Cameron Chapman

When it comes to social media for designers, the first site that comes to mind is Instagram. But designers shouldn’t overlook the second-most-popular image-based social network: Pinterest.

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The Dos and Don'ts of a Rebranding Strategy

by Jordan DeVos

Rebranding requires a lot of strategy. Some companies have done it well, others have flopped. Learn what works and what doesn’t in this list of lessons gathered from those who have rebranded.

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All About Process – Dissecting Case Study Portfolios

by Adnan Puzic

A portfolio is more than a cache of images, it’s a way to demonstrate design skills and problem solving to clients. We show how to elevate portfolios by explaining the inner workings of a case study.

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