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The Fundamentals of Website Redesign – A Case Study

by Alex Gurevich

Polished design wireframes are great but don't reveal the work that goes into research and content organization. See how a thorough approach to early project planning leads to successful website redesign.

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Illustration Inspirations to Help Breathe Life Into Your Brand

by Waldek Graczyk

We've hunted down a collection of custom illustrations created by designers from around the world. Some come from products, others from web pages, but all push the limits of great design.

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Taking IKEA Out of Its Box and Redesigning It for 1.6 Billion Users

by Michael Abehsera

IKEA is a global retailer, but its online presence has been called cluttered, difficult to navigate, and dated. We're overhauling IKEA's web experience and addressing its most pressing issues.

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Web Animation In The Post-Flash Era

by Ana Gregurec

We often use allegory to make an idea easier to understand. But using animation may be a better way to get the message across. Learn the value of animation and why it should be leveraged.

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